Cartasite Collaborates WIth Nokia Location & Commerce To Improve Driver Safety

New relationship allows Cartasite's ROVR technology to assess speed-related drving habits in the energy industry against posted limits in the U.S. and Canada

Denver-based technology firm Cartasite has collaborated with Nokia Location & Commerce to provide Nokia speed limit data for Cartasite's ROVR - Real-time Onboard Vehicle Reporting system or ROVR™ device in the U.S. and Canada. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health reported in 2011 that more than 40% of all injuries and fatalities in the oil and gas extraction industry were attributed to vehicular operations.

"Previously, the system had to be manually configured with speed limit information in order to capture speeding events," explains Mark Mason, vice president of development for Cartasite. "With our new feature, we now have a much better view of driver behavior. The NAVTEQ® Map provides us with a more accurate and comprehensive ability to detect speeding to then identify patterns of driver behavior. We then work to remedy this with our scorecard technology, and help save lives."

The management of speed through appropriate speed limits is an essential element to driver safety in the energy industry. ROVR™ measures a vehicle's speed in real-time and compares it to the posted speed limit in order to provide feedback on a scorecard to improve driver safety.

ROVR™ measures driver behavior through an advanced monitoring system. The portable box includes an accelerometer which measures subtle movements of the vehicle that have been shown to be indicative of distracted or aggressive driving patterns. It captures GPS location and current speed information which is streamed back to cloud servers in real time. Using sophisticated algorithms, this driver's behavior data processed to determine if a speeding event has occurred and is translated into a driver scorecard which is emailed to each driver every week.

"Our collaboration with Cartasite's ROVR™ advances the current product offerings of automotive solutions in the market," said Roy Kolstad, Vice President of Enterprise. "Posted Speed Limits are collected by our field analysts that drive the roads in order to collect the most precise information. The NAVTEQ® Map arms drivers with the most accurate knowledge of the road, and we hope drivers will make better decisions."

For years the energy industry has tried a myriad of strategies to influence behavior, yet the risk of motor vehicle incidents (MVI's) remains a challenge for the industry and remains at the top of the list of hazards. As the industry continues to focus on safety, Cartasite and Nokia are leading the way to better safety habits among drivers in the oil and gas industry through their innovative use of technology. For more information on ROVR™ please visit:

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