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Carson Fitch Sees "Significant Increase" In Commodity Investing By Individual Investors.

Carson Fitch has recently reported that they have seen a significant increase in commodity investing by individual investors. They report that January saw a record trading volume, up 21% over last years trading volume for the same month. Carson Fitch

Preston Heath, President of Carson Fitch recently reported, "The usual disparity seen between our institutional and retail trades placed by private investors has moved. The playing field is slowly being leveled as the numbers of our retail clients that were "part-time" investors is sharply on the rise and we are seeing more and more of them as "full-time" investors now."

"Commodity futures' trading has become extremely popular in recent years due to several factors. Probably the number one reason for this growth is the readily available wealth of information on the subject of commodity investing found on the internet. Not too long ago, commodity futures trading was thought by many investors to be too complicated, too demanding and requiring great sums of capital to participate in. This is simply not the case, investing in commodity futures is very straightforward and is very similar to other forms of investments, particularly stocks. The same time demands found in trading stocks is typically equal to the time necessary to research commodity futures trades. Also, historically, commodity futures brokerage firms would require a minimum investment of $50,000, $100,000 or even more. Although there are still some brokerages with these minimums in place Carson Fitch usually sees a first time retail client enter the market with somewhere between $10,000 and $15,000," Heath added.

"Another main factor contributing to the explosive growth of the retail client investor base is due to the investment sectors available to them from metals, grains, energies, softs and currencies etc and the many specific commodities within each of these sectors. Furthermore, our electronic trading platforms will route our client's orders directly to the appropriate futures exchange for execution within one hour of order compliance. Carson Fitch also prides itself on providing our clients with the trading tools necessary to assist them in their trading and investing strategies. This includes our internal analysts who search these markets for opportunities to ensure we trade our clients as profitably as possible," Heath concluded.

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