Carmack Moving and Storage Offers Home Staging Service Discount

Homeowners and Realtors in Northern Virginia now have the option to de-clutter and securely store excess materials with Carmack Moving and Storage.

Homeowners and Realtors in Northern Virginia now have the option to de-clutter and securely store excess materials with Carmack Moving and Storage. The group is offering a limited-time only discount for the service. Carmack Moving and Storage says home staging can help sell a home faster and encourages sellers to research how marketing a clean home can help them get more money in less time.

Carmack Moving and Storage, located 25 miles east of Washington DC, recently announced the company is now offering a free crate for home staging clients. For a limited time, customers electing this service also receive one month of free storage for the items removed from their home. Carmack Moving and Storage explains that this discount is available by request only.

Rob Carmack, the founder and President of Carmack Moving and Storage says the free crate is a $200 to $250 value. Crates are stored in a climate controlled warehouse with computerized tracking and a fully staffed office. Prior to storage, each furnishing is carefully packed by Carmack Moving and Storage professionals with large pieces being wrapped individually in blankets to assure maximum protection. The facility at Carmack Moving and Storage is under constant surveillance and is maintained by a full-time group of employees who pay careful attention to grounds safety and record keeping.

Home staging has become a staple tool for home sellers in a down market, reports Carmack Moving and Storage. The company cites personal finance website Kiplinger as touting the benefits of de-cluttering in a February 2009 article simply titled, The Benefits of Home Staging. In it, Kiplinger explains how properly staged properties sell faster and for considerably more money - far more than the average cost of staging, says Carmack Moving and Storage.

According to Carmack Moving and Storage, the process of home staging is not a simple task and should be performed by an impartial party. An outside perspective is vital for proper staging as homeowners are naturally connected with their living space, explains Carmack Moving and Storage. Someone who has invested their time into a property and has left their own signature marks will not look at the home as a commodity to be marketed. But, in the competitive world of real estate, that's just what it is, notes Carmack Moving and Storage.

Home stagers offer interior design services that allow potential buyers to visualize living in the space, reports Carmack Moving and Storage. They remove unnecessary items and rearrange rooms for maximum efficiency and visual appeal. Carmack Moving and Storage reports that an experience home stager will create the feeling of warmth by stimulating the visual, auditory, and olfactory senses through a combination of well thought out projects.

Many homes sell for more than original asking price after staging, reports Carmack Moving and Storage. They point out 20/20's segment illustrating how with a small budget and a big desire, a staging group helped one couple in Atlanta close the deal for thousands over their expectations. Homes simply sell faster when they are clean, clutter-free, and feel right, explains Carmack Moving and Storage.

Carmack Moving and Storage offers home staging and, as their name implies, moving and storage services. As well, Carmack Moving and Storage provides expert packing, utilizing the best and most reliable materials available. Julia Silva, Carmack Moving and Storage 's in-house sales coordinator, encourages potential clients to research the benefits of home staging for themselves and to call her at 703.378.1616 for more information or to schedule a free in-home estimate.

Carmack Moving and Storage are experts in everything related to vacating and relocating. Rob Carmack, the founder of Carmack Moving and Storage, has dedicated the last 28 years of his life to the process and to making it easier for his clients. Carmack Moving and Storage is the result of Rob's ambition and sets itself apart from other moving companies with their custom designed packing materials and unparalleled customer service.

Carmack Moving and Storage is located just 30 minutes from DC and proudly provides moving services to area residents for both local and long-distance moves. For more information about Carmack Moving and Storage, visit