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Carl Person to Run for Mayor of New York as Reform Party Candidate

This details the information about Carl Person, who is running for the mayor of New York as the Reform Party Candidate.

The Reform Party of New York has announced that Carl Person is running for New York City mayor under the party's banner. He is the first person to declare as a candidate for the New York Mayoral race. Carl Person has run for office twice before. He has run for the Libertarian Presidential Nomination and once as the Libertarian candidate for Attorney General of New York.

"I am the first person to be nominated for Mayor of New York City, and I want voters and other parties and candidates to know what honest politics should be doing for residents of New York City," said Mr. Person.

Person was born in Manhattan and lived in New York State for his entire life, except for two years that his family lived in Nebraska, and three years during his time in the army.

During his military career, he served as ship to shore operator on Okinawa. After leaving the military he studied at Long Island University and graduated from Harvard Law School. Upon graduation he worked as an associate attorney for three New York law firms, before he started his own firm and became an independent practitioner.

As an independent practitioner, Mr. Person spent twenty years in the practice of intellectual property law. Several cases include an eighteen year legal struggle against Ford, Chrysler and General Motors, and two lawsuits against game maker Parker Brothers. Currently he is fighting against questionable home foreclosures by corporate banks.

Carl Person's political platform is centered on rooting out corruption in New York City, reforms to help small business and educational modernization.

"New York City has wasted billions of dollars with illegal or questionable payments, or licenses to special interests, and in doing so has not provided its citizens with the basic skills needed for employment and business success," Persons added.

He will be making his first campaign appearance on Reddit on April 21st at 2pm.

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