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Carl David Ceder Manages Successful DWI Dismissal in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

Texas DWI Defense Attorney successfully managed to obtain a DWI dismissal for his client in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area. The officer in question was also fired from the Police Department

The XX Court (relevant court) dismissed a driving with intoxication charge against a Dallas- Fort Worth man last month. This was after intense effort on the part of DWI defense attorney Carl. D. Ceder.

"We managed to get a DWI charge dismissed against a Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex area person on February, this year. This was after a long process and the results of sustained effort on our part. Also, the officer in question was fired from the Police Department where he worked for reasons that included behavior that was detrimental to the department as a whole," explains Carl Ceder, the attorney who managed the case.

Mr. Ceder is certified to carry out standard tests that determine if the driver is driving with intoxication. "An understanding of these tests and their procedure helps to point out the fault in their administration to the jury while at trial. These certifications have helped a lot in managing numerous acquittals and dismissals in almost types of charges of DWI," says a spokesperson for Mr. Ceder. The NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, Intoxilyzer 5000, the HGN tests, Breath and Blood DWI (BAC) testing, etc. are some of the tests for which he is certified.

When charged under DWI, it is very important to choose an attorney specializing in intoxicated related offences and with special focus on DWI and DUI. "Sometimes, who represents you matters a lot in sending a message about your character to the prosecutors," adds the spokesperson.

About Carl David Ceder:

Carl D Ceder is a criminal defense attorney specializing in all intoxication related offences with special focus on DWI and DUI cases. He has not just received training on the standard tests undertaken to prove DUI/DWI but has also conducted DWI/DUI jury trials in over 10 counties in the State of Texas and has obtained both acquittals and dismissals even in cases where Breath and Blood Tests have been taken.

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