Caribbean Real Estate and Hurricanes

On the first day of June people in places which are bordered by the Atlantic Ocean become aware of an annual pest, or, threat: Hurricane Season. Belize is no different and it is important to be proactive in protecting your Belize Real Estate

A Hurricane Need Not Blow Away Your Dreams

On the first day of June people in places which are bordered by the Atlantic Ocean become aware of an annual pest, or, threat: Hurricane Season. Throughout the Caribbean, from urban cities to tropical islands, communities encourage residents to bookmark a weather-forecasting website or media broadcast channel and check the bottled water supply. In beautiful Belize on the southern Yucatan peninsula, part of the process of owning a piece of paradise includes taking simple precautions against the potential for storm damage.

Is property ownership in Belize, land of white beaches amid waving palm trees, worth the weather risk? You bet! Anticipation of warm weather storms need not deter anyone from achieving the dream of a tropical lifestyle. From the natural aquatic beauty of the Belize Barrier Reef to the green jungles on the mainland, real estate investment in Belize can be protected with standard building materials and advanced warning systems. Technological improvements in weather forecasting and emergency communication provide storm warnings with vital information as much as a week ahead of storms. Well-built homes can be secured against inclement weather at a moment's notice.

Using sturdy building materials and well-enforced local codes, solid structures exist in many types and sizes on Belize real estate. Buildings constructed of concrete provide a formidable defense against strong winds and tidal surges. Concrete is also open to design opportunities of strength and style; homes are often brightly painted and do not need repainting as often as wood. From fully-appointed condominiums on beachfront to private homes in rainforests or small towns, concrete construction in Belize is available through a Coldwell Banker representative. Let an experienced resident explain the manageable steps to react to storm forecasts.

Storms in Belize's recent hurricane seasons have not earned high category classifications (4 and 5), though official warnings in Belize are managed by local authorities and organizations which train citizens across the communities to convey information about weather threats and proper preparation. The island style of looking out for each other in Belize extends from sunny days to stormy ones. Your investment and enjoyment of a tropical lifestyle style can weather any storm when you let a Coldwell Banker professional introduce you to the simple steps of storm preparation - coming in the next blog-post.

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