Carbon Fiber Fairings Alternatives for Owners of Kawasaki Z1000, Z750 and Z800

Introducing carbon fiber fairings alternatives to owners of Kawasaki Z1000, Z750 and Z800, Tekarbon has added various selections on the fairings for the new Kawasaki models this summer.

Welcoming the owners of Kawasaki Z1000, Z750 and Z800, enthusiasts can customize their bikes with over 20 different parts to choose from at Tekarbon. This summer Tekarbon has added more items to their product line, that means Kawasaki riders will have more to work on their bikes during the winter and any time from now on.

The line of Kawasaki Z750 is not yet fully geared up and currently covers only the parts with popular demands, that includes the front fairing, cowl seat, under tail fairing and windscreen. The Z750 carbon fiber parts, unlike the part for its siblings Z1000, are finished in 2x2 twill weaves - a diagonal weave pattern. The price range of the Z750 is fairly reasonabe, for example the rear hugger with chain guard is available at $149.95 and the under tail fairing prices $129.95. Tekarbon will be continuously adding other panels and parts to Z750 in winter 2013 and spring 2014.

The Z1000 line was introduced to the public back in spring 2013 while more items have been brought in from time to time. A full set of fairings for Z1000 2010-2012 is already available at Tekarbon at this moment. According to the Kawasaki owner's manuals, majority of the Z1000 parts can be installed on ZR1000D and ZR1000DCF 2010-2012, and possibly on other models with more filing and modification.

The Kawasaki Z800 is the latest motorcycle introduced by Kawasaki in spring 2013. This line carries almost all the parts on the bike for modification. From the front fairing, fender to the tail fairing and license plate holder, from large piece to tiny pieces, you can get the carbon fiber version at Tekarbon. The Z800 is currently available in Germany and United Kingdom. There is no confirmation on when it will be imported to the United States. As the replacement of Z750, the 2013 Kawasaki Z800, an 806cc inline-four engine, is sized similarly to Z1000. All the parts for Z800 are finished in 2x2 twill weaves just like Z750. A full set of fairings is priced approximately at USD$3,000.00.

Switch around from plain weaves to twill weaves, or the other way around, cannot be anymore easier. Custom order on weaves pattern is available at Tekarbon. While there is no price difference on the weaves customization, the special production takes approximately four to seven business weeks. Custom orders need to be placed directly with Tekarbon, and all finished products which you can get it right away are available at Tekarbon store - its official website, Amazon.com, Ebay.com and NewEgg.com.

Tekarbon will be continually adding more product selections on the newly added categories as well as more different models to its product offerings. For more detail and latest news, please visit www.Tekarbon.com.

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