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Car Insurance Samurai Polls Americans on Fuel Usage

The Car Insurance Samurai is seeking to learn how much support for the use of alternative fuels such as natural gas and propane is really out there. To that end we're asking Americans: "What is the best vehicle fuel for average people?"

Are Americans really willing to put something other than gasoline or diesel fuel in their gas tanks? That is the important question being asked by the Car Insurance Samurai.

The Samurai's editors wanted to know which fuel average people preferred. This question was asked because of the plethora of fuel choices being offered to Americans.

In addition to gasoline and diesel fuel, manufacturers are offering natural gas, propane, and even hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles to the public. These cars have or will soon join the well-publicized electric cars on America's streets.

For months, the Samurai has been covering extensively these new fuel choices and the vehicles that burn them. The site's writers have found that the auto industry is determined to offer these choices to the driving public, but do Americans really want them?

Alternative Fuels Not Widely Available
A wide variety of factors including cost, availability, and convenience, affect fuel choices. A Samurai investigation determined that many of the widely touted alternative fuels are not that readily available to the average driver.

Natural gas seems to be an excellent vehicle fuel because it is widely available. Yet the number of stations selling compressed natural gas (CNG) in the United States is very limited. Hydrogen fuel cells have a longer range than electric powered cars, but only a handful of hydrogen filling stations exist for such vehicles.

Hookups for electric cars are readily available, but some experts are concerned that the electric power grid will not support such vehicles. In particular, it might not be possible to recharge electric cars in some residential neighborhoods.

Of the popular alternative fuel choices, only propane is readily and widely available. Yet that popular fuel has been largely ignored by the media.

Poll Asks Important Question
This investigation prompted the Samurai's editors to conduct a poll that asks the following question:

"What is the best vehicle fuel for average people?"

The editors want to know what Americans really think of these fuel alternatives and if there is widespread demand for them.

This poll is only one of many efforts the Samurai makes to monitor cutting-edge automotive technology and its impact upon auto insurance rates. The world of automobiles is changing drastically, and the Samurai's staff has pledged to bring you the latest news from the auto world.

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