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The world's most notorious high end department store, Harrods, recently sold out of their first shipment of the product Capsiplex. In a flurry of sales that was virtually unprecedented in the store's history, shoppers bought over 50,000 packs!

In a flurry of sales activity that was almost unprecedented, Harrods completely sold out of its first shipment of Capsiplex . In just a few days, this high end retailer sold well over 50,000 packets of the dietary supplement Capsiplex during the product's launch at the store.

The product sold so quickly because it appeals to the kind of rich celebrities that are known for shopping at Harrods. In fact, it works so well that is efficacy has been covered in almost all of the UK's major newspapers including The Daily Mail, The Daily Express, and The Sun as well as in popular publications like Now and Star! and Hello.

Capsiplex is a totally natural and completely safe dietary supplement that works on the clinically proven weight management power of capsicums. Capsicums are hot red peppers that have been used in cooking all over the world for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Their main compound is called capsaicinoids. This compound has long been notorious for creating the heat in hot red peppers, but over the last thirty years, scientists have discovered that it is also capable of helping people with their weight loss and weight management strategies.

Capsiplex contains the same amount of capsaicinoids that are found in eating ten grams of hot red peppers. However, in order to activate the capsaicinoids in their hot red peppers, dieters have to eat at least that amount every day for weeks if not months.

The capsicum compounds in each Capsiplex tablet, on the other hand, have been specially coated in layers that make this supplement work perfectly for the human body. The coating ensures that the tablets do not dissolve in the stomach where they may be ineffective and where they may irritate the lining. Instead, each tablet dissolves in the intestines where the capsicum compounds will have the greatest impact on metabolism and calorie burning.

The concentrated capsaicinoids in Capsiplex have been clinically proven to increase metabolism and to burn extra calories. According to clinical research that has been done on Capsiplex, taking Capsiplex increases the impact that exercise has on the subject's body.

Someone who takes Capsiplex burns three times more calories than normal before their workout. While working out, they burn three percent more calories than they would if working out without Capsiplex. After their workout, subjects who take It burn 12 times more calories than they normally would without that dietary supplement.

When combined, those figures meant that subjects who take It burns an average cumulative total of 278 extra calories every time that they workout.

Those extra calories are the reason why Capsiplex sold so quickly at Harrods. Harrods shoppers love that they can get a product that works so well, and they love that Capsiplex is safe and offers no horrible side effects.

Now, Capsiplex is not only sold at Harrods. It is available online, and it can be shipped all over the world so that everyone can look and feel like a Harrods shopper.

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