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Capsicum Extract for Weight Loss: Doctor Oz Weighs In

People who hope to experience the benefits of capsicum extract can now purchase pure Capsicum Extract. On national television, America's top doctor weighed in with all the benefits capsicum extract has on weight loss and overall health.

Capsicum extract has been known to be an effective supplement to help people in losing weight and burning excess fat, but had yet to gain traction like other more popular supplements. This week, famed cardiologist Doctor Mehmet Oz discussed this natural supplement on his daytime show, "The Doctor Oz Show," discussing the benefits of capsicum extract for weight loss and burning off excess fat without needing to exercise.

The science behind capsicum extract is based on the fact that capsicum is derived from peppers - chili peppers, bell peppers, and others which are known to contain compounds which aid in improving digestion, the breakdown of fats, as well as helping improve the body's immune system.

Capsicum extract benefits the body in other ways besides weight loss. Capsicum is an excellent way to provide the body with Vitamin C, Vitamin A, rutin, zinc, and potassium. Before having a good natural supplement available, capsicum extract has been made by crushing peppers. Today, an all-natural, pure capsicum extract is now available to purchase online in the form of a dietary supplement.

"Even if you don't exercise, you still burn more calories..." stated the guest on national television, backing up our recent trials and the experiences by many of our clients. The capsicum extract contains compounds which aid in thermogenesis which allow the body to convert calories into heat, thus helping to create energy for the body to use, instead of storing it as fat.

"We have been recommending capsicum extract to our clients for the last few years. While it's not as exotic sounding as 'African Mango' or 'Acai Berry' since we all can find chili peppers in our local grocery store, it's been something we've been recommending and giving to our trainers. The science has been there to back it up, and we're excited that others are agreeing with us," said Jordan Montgomery, VP of Communications at Healthy Living Community, which offers the pure Capsicum Extract. People who are considering starting a new dietary supplement or exercise regimen are encouraged to discuss this with their primary care physician to ensure that they are healthy enough to do so.

The average consumer can take advantage of this dietary supplement to help boost their immune system, help ease joint pain, as well as burn fat quicker and easier. It has been found to have numerous benefits beyond only weight loss. This supplement is being sold as Capsicum Pure, which is a pure capsicum extract that is taken in a vegetarian tablet twice daily. Bottles are available in 1, 3, and 6 month packages, and are available to ship immediately from our website at:

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