Capitol Hill Real Estate Associate Broker Joins M Squared Realty Team

Capitol Hill Real Estate Associate Broker, Jessica Wilkie, announces that she has joined the M Squared Realty team based in Georgetown, to specialize in working with buyers and sellers in the Capitol Hill and H Street NE neighborhoods.

Jessica Wilkie, Wilkie On The Hill, a Hill resident and Realtor specializing in the Capitol Hill and H Street NE neighborhoods of Washington, DC, is pleased to announce that she has joined the brokerage firm, M Squared Realty. An Associate Broker, Wilkie is not only highly qualified, she is fast becoming a DC favorite among those looking to buy as well as to sell homes on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

"There is a lot to learn," says Wilkie "as either a first time buyer or a first time seller. And I find the best way to meet the unique needs of each individual or couple that I work with, is to start by listening really well." After that, she helps by eliminating the unknowns and managing the parts of the process that are most stressful to anyone without a deep understanding of the market, the legalities, finances, and stages of negotiation leading up to a sale.

"Buying a home on Capitol Hill is about more than houses and property lines," says Wilkie. "Living on the Hill is about becoming part of a vibrant and engaged neighborhood. There are lots of little neighborhoods within the larger area, and it can be almost like match-making, to help people find their best fit." Schools, shopping, dining, nightlife, public transportation, walkability, historic significance, fixer-up-ability, income potential, future development...all these things and more are important in different ways to different people. Because Wilkie knows these neighborhoods like the back of her hand, she is able to help her clients imagine what it would be like to live here, and focus on meeting their unique needs and interests.

Among those looking to sell and move "up", there may be a lot of factors involved in going from a condo or tiny rowhouse to a larger home with room to grow. "I really enjoy helping people navigate the whole process, to make it as satisfying--even adventurous--as possible."

Highly attuned to the online and mobile orientation of younger adults and professionals, she feels right at home with the forward-thinking M Squared Real Estate team based in Georgetown. Co-founders, Mark Mlakar and Dominic Morrocco, have built a real estate company that "does things differently." By handling all the technology, graphic design, and marketing for their agents, they make it possible for associate brokers like Wilkie, to focus their entire attention on building and nurturing client relationships. 


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