Although the Austin Convention Center is a great place to be during SXSW 2014, most of the action will be happening on the Capital Factory's ground.

They are calling it the next Silicon Valley, but you may be more familiar with its nickname, Silicon Hills - the Promise Land, where hundreds of companies from California, New York and other tech hotspots come to see their dreams become reality. For the last couple of years, Austin has grown in virtually every sense: our music festivals have gotten bigger; our buildings have gotten taller; and we have brought the fastest cars in the world to compete here. But above all, Austin's success is highly driven by the growing combination of big tech companies and hot startups that the city hosts. Festivals like SXSW Interactive kindle the fire that these top-notch tech companies ignite. The values underlying the festival are creativity, inspiration and innovation. Same goes for startups: small companies fueled by the innovation of savvy entrepreneurs and the creativity of a team working to get the highest apple in the tree. SXSW Interactive is time-to-shine for many of the hottest startups in Austin. And where do they shine? What's the center of gravity during SXSW? It's not the Convention Center - it's the Capital Factory.

The Capital Factory is Austin's biggest entrepreneurial magnet. Its 50,000 square foot office, located in the Austin Center downtown, is the space where over 100 hot startups are pursuing their dreams of becoming the next Apple or WhatsApp. Josh Baer is the mastermind behind the Capital Factory and other successful email startups, such asUnsubCentral and OtherInbox. His passion for entrepreneurship is transmitted through his work at the Capital Factory, where he helps hundreds of people quit their day job to start their own business. If you're looking for innovation, inspiration, and creativity, look no further. Try walking around the office, where you'll overhear passionate conversations that brilliant minds are having at their desks, beanbags, or secret meeting rooms (don't tell anyone!). Or try working on a project in front of a floor-to-ceiling window where the Frost Bank owl stares directly at you.

But Capital Factory isn't only the most inspiring office space in Austin; it is also the host of some of the most exclusive tech-related events happening in the city, both during and outside of SXSW. From hackathons where entrepreneurs engage in collaborative computer programming, to Dell's Big Data Analytics & Startups Roundtable, to the ATX Startup Crawl, Capital Factory is the pioneer entity spearheading innovation in Austin. Furthermore, Capital Factory has welcomed thousands of guests (including President Obama) who come to visit the space and mingle with some of the most creative minds in the nation. Capital Factory also boasts a robust mentorship community of over 50 mentors, comprised of highly successful entrepreneurs with a huge network of customers, vendors and employees, and a desire to help and spend time with other startups. Successful entrepreneurs like Dean Drako (Barracuda Networks), Sam Decker (Mass Relevance), and Dan Graham ( are always willing to make the time necessary to help startups in any way they can.

So although the Austin Convention Center is a great place to be during SXSW, most of the action will be happening on the Capital Factory's ground. So while you are in town enjoying some of the best BBQ and margaritas in Texas, make sure you stop by the Capital Factory and get a taste of what the future of technology looks like.

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