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Canker Sore Treatment - Foods That Contribute To Cold Sore and Canker Sore Outbreaks

Mouth sores are probably one of the most irksome oral conditions that have beleaguered people from every age, gender, and ethnicity. In spite of all the bothersome symptoms brought on by canker sores.

Everyone desires to know the right treatment for mouth sores as these oral sores are very uncomfortable and often embarrassing. These sores can cause excruciating pain and can even be a sign of an underlying health problem. Oral sores are medically categorized as a canker sore and cold sore. They are considered less severe as compared to cold sores. The cold sores are fever blisters, which are caused by a microbe named Herpes Simplex virus type 1 and seen in a more threatening position. The canker sores and cold sores are seen in a similar context but have major differences, which should be identified for selecting the right sore remedy or treatment.

There are many reasons that contribute to outbreaks. These reasons should be identified and dealt in the right way to get rid of the sores and to stop their recurrence. Although the definite cause for these cold and canker sores remains unknown but medical experts have identified certain triggering factors that usually lead to growth of these mouth sores. A physical trauma in the mouth region, tooth extractions, various drugs, toothbrush abrasions or brace adjustments can lead to a canker sore. A rapid weight loss, stress, fatigue, sunburn, cold weather, overly dry lips and nutritional deficiency are also counted as the trigger factors leading to such problems. Food allergy or any deficiency of nutrients like vitamin B12, Zinc, folic acid and iron in the body can lead to cold or canker sores.

Other than the above mentioned factors there are certain foods that can contribute to outbreaks. For example, intakes of citrus fruits have shown a link and people complaining about canker sores. Various studies have shown a connection between sore outbreaks and amino acid arginine. The amino acid arginine is found in various foods like chocolate, cola, peas, sea foods, cereals, peanuts, gelatin, cashews and beer. Although a connection of cold sores with these food products still remains inconclusive but limiting and barring consumption of these food products has always been recommended during outbreak of any mouth sores. Acidic or salty foods cause more pain and irritation and should be avoided during the outbreak. Coffee should also be avoided as it is believed that it can increase the frequency of the cold sore outbreaks.

This article is a general guide and is not intended to replace a professional medical advice. There are cold store remedies given by highly qualified medical professionals which can be accessed through videos, eBooks, nutritional books, and mp3's available online. These guides will show you how to identify and eliminate these sores in easy and simple steps. The oral sores have great differences and a correct identification of it will help you select the right remedy or treatment. Rather than using an expensive prescription or over the counter drugs, use the more natural ways of treating your sore problem.

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