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Canadian Women: The Focus of Marketel's New Marketing Analysis Body

Marketel, Canada's leading marketing agency, launched a new research division focusing on the purchasing power of the country's women and determining how brands are faring with their sales pitches.

Canada's leading advertising agency, Marketel, recently launched their new marketing-to-women committee, MarketELLE, designed to explore the preferences and shopping behaviours of female demographics. This aims to help companies tap the purchasing power controlled by women, which is now at $20 trillion based on global figures.

The division will be led by Diane Ridgway-Cross, the executive vice-president, who has joined Marketel just last year. Aside from being a member of the National Retail Federation, she's also considered an expert in the topic, having invited as speaker on it at several conferences across Europe and North America. Ridgway-Cross will also partner with creative director Jo-Ann Munro, who specialises in making creative pitches to women. Munro has also been invited to judge several creative arts competition, including Marketing Awards, Young Lions and Crea Awards.

According to Munro, "There is no question that marketing to women has improved in the past few years, but there is still so much work to do, as evidenced by the fact that 4 out of 5 women say that advertisers don't get them." This is despite the fact that women dominates 80% of the total consumer spending. Munro also added that it's necessary for companies to have more female creative directors if they want to tell compelling stories to effectively engage women.

"Having led the premier marketing-to-women practice in the States, I wanted to build the same horsepower in Canada," Ridgway-Cross said as she recalls her experiences with previous marketing assignments. She's also gathered insights on how women shop—be it for tampons, cars, face creams and retirement plans—and where they like to buy stuff (e.g. Target, Sephora, Walmart).

To fulfil its purpose effectively, MarketELLE will be comprised of female-savvy people, those who give insights up front and use new media efficiently enough for info pooling purposes. Aside from this, the team will also be on the process of expanding their partnerships and creating new tools.

When reaching out to Canadian women, Munro said that MarkeELLE should focus on its main capabilities, which are mobile and digital, social media, branded content and shopper science. Along with the successful launch of the group, they're releasing their new study called "How Brands are Wining (and Losing) with Canadian Women". This upcoming study takes data from 1,000 female Canadians, who will be asked about their favourite brands, insights on the state of today's women-targeted marketing and suggestions to advertisers.

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