Canada Super Visa How Long Is The Processing Time

Applying for a Super Visa to travel to Canada has become popular among adults who have children or grandchildren living permanently in the country, either as citizens or permanent residents.

Applying for a Super Visa to travel to Canada has become popular among adults who have children or grandchildren living permanently in the country, either as citizens or permanent residents. It was first introduced in December 2011 as a faster alternative visa for this specific classification or group.

Application Process

The CIC promises that the processing period for Super Visa applications will be quicker than the months or even years-long waiting period that most visa applicants have to endure. Ideally, it should take only eight weeks for this type of visa to be approved-assuming of course that the applicants have met all of the requirements and passed the qualification screening process.

In truth, Super Visa processing times depend more on the visa office where you submit your application. There are also other factors to consider such as the political environment in your home country, the volume of applications submitted to the visa office you are using, the processing time given for your country on the CIC website, plus the possibility that you will have problems complying with some of the application requirements.

It's important that you submit a complete file for your application as otherwise it will be rejected and you will have to apply again. Also, remember that the Super Visa insurance you purchase has to be issued by a Canadian company.

Hiatus on Temporary Visa Applications

CIC has issued a hiatus on regular visa applications for parents and grandparents for two years starting in late 2011 so that it can catch up on the huge backlog of applications it has received over the past decade, and accept or reject the visa applications now waiting for a reply. Sponsorships/applications for temporary residence visas (TRVs) of parents and grandparents will resume in November 2013.

Parents and grandparents who submitted applications for TRVs before November 4, 2011 may have to wait a while longer for the visa office to respond to their first application. They will receive the confirmation of acceptance or rejection of their visa application by November 2013 at the latest.

For those who need to receive a visa in the soonest possible time and are waiting for a response to their TRV application, it would be best to consult with the nearest visa office about the possibility of applying for a Super Visa instead. There is a high probability that this will be allowed, provided that the applicant has not yet been granted a permanent resident visa.

Inside or Outside Canada

As mentioned earlier, the Super Visa processing time also depends on the location of the visa office where it was submitted. Applications sent to offices inside of Canada obviously take a shorter time to process than those filed in offices abroad. For applications made outside Canada, the CIC website shows estimated wait times for the processing for most types of visas, though Super Visa processing times are not listed.

Therefore, Super Visa applicants can use the processing times for other visas such as work visas (listed below) as a guide to the difference in processing times between countries:

Africa and the Middle East: 2 months (Accra, Ghana) to 10 months (Damascus, Syria)

Asia and Pacific: 1 month (New Delhi, India) to 24 months (Singapore)

Europe: 1 month (Warsaw, Poland) to 4 months (Moscow, Russia)

Americas: 6 months (Havana, Cuba) to 3 months (Lima, Peru)

Notice that these processing times vary widely. For a more detailed and accurate estimate of Super Visa processing times, contact the nearest Canadian visa office in your country.

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