Can Obesity Affect Child's Academic Performance?

As we all know that being over weighed can invite many diseases like cardiovascular, heart problems etc. But according to one new study obesity can results in lower academic grade of girl child.

You must have heard that obesity causes many diseases like heart problems cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure higher levels of bad cholesterol, diabetes etc. Do you think that there can be any connection between obesity and your academic performances? But in a new study it was found that teenage girls who are over weighted performed poorly in academic study. However this association was less clear in boys. You can improve your girl's child academic by diet foods for teenage girls.

According to new study published in International Journal of Obesity there is link between obesity and lower academic grade in school. Researcher has analyzed data from around 6000 children who were part of Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC). Bases on body mass index in this study 71 % were health weight gain, 13 % were overweighed and 15 % were obese. There are several factor considered like weight status, mental health, IQ and age and core subjects like English, math and science.

Finding of this study shows that teenage girls who are obese performed very poorly in academic subjects and got poor grade also as compared to health weight gain children. But the factors like mental health, IQ and age of onset of the menstrual cycle did not affect anything. However there was less association between boys and academic performances.

Earlier there was news that according to study published in the journal Cerebral Cortex revealed that overweighed children are less problem solving than slim ones. However this study shows that that teen girls perform very poor at age of 11 as compared to 13, 16 age children. Finding suggest that obesity can harm your child future too so parents should take care of their child health and fitness. There are various kids exercises to lose weight which can help parents to keep their child in shape.

Professor John Reilly, principal investigator and professor at the University of Strath clyde in the UK says that but it's not enough to get conclusion form this study. There is need of further work also to get clear idea about why obesity id negatively affect on poor academic grade?

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