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Camps have been there since we exist. It started with ape men making accommodation for themselves with natural goods like wood, leaves and other goods they took from Mother Nature. Then travelers will pitch their camps whenever they travelled long distances with their livestock for new avenues like natural resources and trades. Then camping moved towards boot camp which will be built by teams at war. These camps will be their boot camp for keeping equipments, food and ammunition. They will stay in camps centrally and keep moving here and there for a while.
Then people started doing expeditions on mountains where they will pitch tents on their way to a peak as there were no accommodations available in the areas they were going to visit.
This indicates that camping was a tool which people developed for their accommodations in the areas where there is no other place to stay. They will bring their food with them for survival. There were no permanent tents as they will keep moving from one place to other. Thus, it was totally a choice initially a difficult one to make and later for a few privileged. It was never in reach of common man.
In late 19th century it became a trend in the western society to go camping with friends and families for a day and weekends. People will just take their truck, put in their stuff and launch for a distant destination which has no population. They will find camp grounds and stay there playing their games, enjoying bonfires and music.
Later it became a business model for hoteliers as they developed camps for holidaying purposes which will be let out like a hotel. Camp will have some fixed structure and yet it will provide all the fun that a raw camp did. There will be bonfire; sleeping bags, camp food and a little self do work.
This trend has hit India big time in early 21st Century. Permanent camps are becoming a new attraction for individual as well as group travelers. There is a large portion of travelers who prefer camping over the luxury stay in star category hotels. In fact, camps have started providing all the facilities that a good hotel will provide. They have attached washrooms with running water, facilities to shower daily, food of choice, luxurious beds etc.
Lot of corporate have also started doing their team events in camps as the senses of learning accept a lot more once in touch with nature then the hustle and bustle of city. Moreover, camp sites have an advantage of being I nature. They can provide teams with ample choices for adventure and team building games. They are pocket friendly and are away from crowd.
That is our idea of bringing 36chhutti into picture. We provide options of camping in northern India which no other will. We have number of options to suit the bill for people with different requirements and choices. We bring to you places like Padampuri, Kanatal, summer hill, Mashobra which are a little explored by travelers.
Hope you can enjoy camping as much as we at 36chhutti do.
Cheers and see you in camp.


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