Cameroon, CPDM USA Convenes The First Peace And Solidarity Rally in Washington DC

For the first time, Cameroonians in USA, sympathizers, militants of CPDM USA will rally together in Washington DC to advocate for Peace and Solidarity in Cameroon as the Nation prepares for the 2011 Presidential Elections.

The Cameroon People's Democratic Movement USA, (CPDM USA)
will rally Cameroonians, sympathizers and its militants at the United States Capitol to call for Peace and solidarity as the country prepares for 2011 Presidential Elections. There is an Electoral Process in place and CPDM USA encourages all Cameroonians to register to Vote and give Peace a chance.

The rally will kick off outside the Embassy of Cameroon and move to the United States Capitol in Washington DC. This event is slated for Friday March 18 2011.

As the Country prepares for the 2011 Presidential Elections, the year 2011 is therefore very challenging. The need for Cameroon to remain peaceful can not be overstressed.

Given recent calls by some opposition groups with extremists views calling for bloodshed as a way to bring about change in Cameroon, CPDM USA stands strong and firm in its call for Peace and solidarity in Cameroon.

CPDM-USA is asking Cameroonians at home and abroad to give the electoral process a chance. Change will come in Cameroon through a democratic process via the 2011 Ballot Box.
CPDM USA therefore encourages all Cameroonians to participate in the Democratic process by expressing their right to vote. All Cameroonians of voting age should register to vote.

CPDM USA thanks the Chairman of CPDM and the Head of Government, His Excellency President Paul Biya for liberalizing
political movements and creating an atmosphere which encourages democracy in Cameroon. With Several Political Parties now in existence and several Presidential candidates on the list
for Presidential elections, it is up to the people of Cameroon to determine who their leader will be through the Ballot Box.

Cameroonians must give Elections a chance. CPDM USA collectively stands for Peaceful, Free and Fair Elections in Cameroon and will stand by its Chairman President Paul Biya to uphold these very basic values of the Party and the nation.

CPDM USA says NO to those extremists in the opposition movement calling for bloodshed in Cameroon to achieve change. What Cameroon needs is Economic Advancement, job creation for the youth, better standard of living and more, not destruction
and loss of precious lives.

CPDM USA calls on the United States and the world
to encourage the Democratic process in Cameroon and calls on all Cameroonians to give the Ballot Box a chance, stand up and defend the peace and SAY NO TO VIOLENCE.

Cameroon is one of the most peaceful nations in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a promising future. Cameroon will continue to thrive as long as Peace reigns and any kind of destruction will take us
back several decades.

CPDM USA hereby calls on Cameroonians and the world to raise their voices for Peace and Solidarity. Join the Rally for Peace and Solidarity in Washington DC.

The CPDM USA Project Committee is charged with organizing the rally. The members of the Committee include: Dr. Augustine Ayuk, Dr. Gwendoline Shang, Ms Diane Kadji, Mr. Job Kamga and Lady Kate Njeuma. The hosting Sub-Section, Mid-Atlantic Sub-Section, led by President Max Etape and Mrs Damaris Tumentang is ready to receive rally delegates from across the United States. The Committee has also received tremendous support from all CPDM USA Sub-Sections as follows:

Mid-Atlantic Sub-Section
South Central Sub-Section
Eastern Sub-Section
South Eastern Sub-Section
and Militants at large.

For More information on the Rally please
call 240 440 2166 or 443 224 8536

This Message is approved by CPDM USA Section Leadership

Lady Kate Atabong Njeuma
The Project Committee Director


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