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Caltron Introduces a New Line of Panel PC Industrial Monitors to the Lineup

Caltron introduces a new line of industrial monitors, the IPC-15T, 15 Inch Industrial Capacitive Multi-Touch Panel PC. This is an all-in-one unit that can accommodate the needs of many applications.

With the progression of technology, Caltron is always investing in the continued research & development of new products to assist Original Engineer Manufacturer (OEM), Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) and integrators. The needs and wants of applications in the current industrial market is constantly changing and with the aid of useful tools, project applications can become much more powerful and easier to use with the right technology that is suitable for the application at hand.

After much R&D, Caltron's engineers developed the IPC-15T, 15 Inch industrial Capacitive Multi-Touch Panel PC. While it is understood that this unit might not be suitable for every application, it can be quite the useful tool for applications that require an all-in-one unit. Sometimes, there is a need for an all-in-one solution for a project because it can save lots of time from trying to source all of the correct components that can be used for an application and in the end, saving time usually equates to saving money. With all-in-one panel PC's starting to become more readily available at cost efficient prices, it makes it easier for integrators to do a one stop shop, per se.

The IPC-15T comes with a front sealed industrial capacitive multi-touch, touch screen monitor that has a built in embedded PC mounted in the rear of the unit. Currently the PC comes with an Intel mobile Core i5 motherboard for computing purposes. Along with the panel PC's powerful motherboard also comes 8GB of dual-channel DDR3 SO-DIMMs SDRAM that is rated at 1066/800 MHz and an internal storage of 60GB SSD, which is definitely big and powerful enough to run practically every industrial application. Along with the industrial grade CPU, there is also a built in Smart fan to keep the unit and internal components at a constant temperature to prevent overheating and failure of any components. This fan is designed in to complement the unit in terms of a cooling system that will suffice. Since the unit itself comes with a multi-touch capacitive touch panel, there is no need to worry about getting a secondary touch panel added to the unit.

Along with all the internal components, the exterior of the panel PC is also what makes this unit unique and apart from others. The outside housing of the industrial panel PC is comprised of durable metal housing with rounded edges to have a smoother finish than most other box like designs of panel PCs. With a flushed capacitive multi touch panel integrated securely, the IPC-15T is dust and liquid resistant, making the unit more capable of enduring the elements of the harsh environments the unit is put into. Instead of a typical drop in design, like all of Caltron's typical open frame monitors and touch screen monitors, the IPC-15T comes with a rear standard VESA mount for integration and mounting, allowing for this panel PC to be situated into any location that offers a VESA mount.

The IPC-15T is designed in a way that the unit can be easily integrated into any application and can be used for industrial applications to Kiosks. Providing a capacitive multi-touch panel allows for the unit to be widely used in any application that prefers a multi-touch unit or single touch, since the unit can be used both ways. Having flexibility and a strong motherboard for the PC portion of the unit, allows for the unit to have the power to run virtually any application that the unit is integrated into. Since there are certain applications that will look for an all-in-one panel PC that can be used, there will always be a need for Caltron's industrial panel PCs.

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