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A common skin problem, melasma occurs when brown or gray patches appear on the skin. While it normally appears on the nose, chin, forehead, or just above their upper lip, these patches can occur on any other area of the body that is exposed a great deal to the sun, such as the forearms or the neck.

Dermatologists Drs. Peter M. Goldman and Brian E. Dubow, who practice at Goldman Dermatology & Laser, say that melasma is far more common in women than in men, although it can also occur in men. While melasma is not a harmful condition, it can often cause patients to feel uncomfortable about their appearance.

Melasma is most commonly linked to sun exposure or hormone changes, and usually occurs among women 20 to 50 years old who are either pregnant or taking birth control pills. Both doctors add that patients with darker skin complexions, especially patients who are of Hispanic, Asian, or Middle Eastern descent, are at far greater risk for melasma.

Drs. Goldman and Dubow say that the exact cause of melasma is still unknown. In addition to sun exposure and changes in hormones, genetics are also a common factor among people with this skin condition. There are no serious symptoms associated with melasma, other than noticeable skin discoloration on the face. Dermatologists can usually identify melasma by evaluating the patient's skin.

According to Drs. Goldman and Dubow, melasma may clear up on its own without any special treatment. However, some patients may continue to experience the condition for several years. For patients who experience melasma for a long period of time, Drs. Goldman and Dubow recommend avoiding overexposure to the sun, using sunscreen or specially formulated crèmes, chemical peels, and prescription medications to help reduce skin discoloration. With any treatment for melasma, the most common side-effect is temporary skin irritation. Both doctors work closely with each patient to ensure they are receiving the best treatment possible.

Dr. Goldman and Dr. Dubow practice at the Goldman Dubow Dermatology & Laser in California. Anyone who is interested in learning more about treatments for melasma are encouraged to contact the practice by phone at 310.855.1160, or at

About Goldman Dubow Dermatology & Laser

California-based Goldman Dubow Dermatology & Laser is made up of board certified dermatologists Drs. Peter M. Goldman and Brian E. Dubow. Specializing in medical dermatology, laser surgery, vein therapy, and skin care, the practice treats patients with efficiency and care.

Dr. Goldman is a diplomat of the American Academy of Dermatology and a fellow member of the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery. Dr. Goldman attended Tufts University, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in 1967. He continued his medical training at the Tulane University School of Medicine, graduating in 1971. His post-gradate training included an Internship at the Los Angeles County- University of Southern California Medical Center, and a residency in dermatology at UCLA. He is also currently an associate clinical professor of medicine and dermatology at the UCLA School of Medicine.

Dr. Dubow is a double board-certified dermatologist and skin pathologist. Hr holds board certifications with both the American Academy of Dermatology, and the American Board of Pathology and Dermatology. Dr. Dubow completed his undergraduate studies at Vanderbilt University, where he graduated with a degree in organic chemistry and molecular biology. He attended medical school at New York University, where he graduated in 1980. He completed his dermatology residency at the UCLA Medical center in 1994, and was awarded a prestigious skin pathology fellowship with A. Bernard Ackerman at Jefferson Medical College in 1995.

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