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Cali comes at top in the list of Singapore best Cafe. Cali cafe in Singapore offers best and verities of food, ice-creams and more at Singapore. Cali restaurant also offers event management services , food delivery services in Singapore.

Cafe in Singapore
Cali cafe is the one of the best cafe in Singapore. The Cali Cafe is a place that is known for food. it serve coffee. What sets them apart, however, is their cozy and relaxing atmosphere. It is a great chill-out place where you can sit down, have a cup of coffee, and watch the world go by. Besides having a wide selection of ice creams, Wins and food. They serve simple food such as pasta, sandwiches, soup, sandwiches, desserts and all-day breakfast. The Cali Cafe is a continental style ice cream parlour and coffee house offering delicious ice cream sundaes, cones and tubs, tea, coffee and cakes.

Restaurant in Singapore
The Cali cafe is not a cafe only it comes in best Singapore restaurants, if you are searching for best restaurant or cafe in Singapore the cali cafe is the one of the best stop for your Sunday break fast or dinner or icecream party with American food in your budget rang. The cafe with free WI FI in Singapore lifestyle.

Ice cream cafe, Wine cafe, Juice cafe , American food cafe at Singapore
Singapore best cafe not only a coffee cafe or ice-cream cafe, it is like a big famous restaurant where you can get the best American food in dinner, different flavors of ice creams, verities of organic juice and verities of wine in Singapore. Cali cafe is also famous for beer haven.
Quality Services

The Cali cafe Cafe is Singapore restaurant, your local Independent multi-award winning cafe service provider in Singapore. Our food and ice-cream are organic and home made, and wines are selected by a very experienced buying team.

Best prices
Cali cafe provides all services in best prices, where you can get different types of breakfast, Sunday special breakfast, diner with American food and special wines in budget rang in Singapore life style.

Cali available at different places are, The Rochester cafe, One north cafe , A star cafe, Star vista cafe, cafe near tanglin trust school, cafe near united world college, ports down road cafe, Moe cafe in Singapore .

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calicafe singapore
cafe in singapore
cafe in singapore
31 Rochester Drive (Located within Park Avenue Hotel & Suites) #01-01,Singapore