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Buying or Selling a Business in Atlanta? Starwood Business Group Is the Expert for All Your Business Brokerage Needs

Starwood Business Group has been helping Metro Atlanta business buyers and sellers for more than 10 years!

"Our economy is nourished by small business," Yasmine Jandali explains. "Being your own boss is what makes this the land of opportunity."

After years of senior roles in corporate America, Jandali decided to pursue her dream of being her own boss and opened an upscale tanning salon with her husband Malek. Mrs. Jandali later grew the business to multiple locations, and then sold the chain through a local business brokerage firm.

Jandali's experience with the brokerage firm was excellent-the company completed his transaction more quickly and profitably than he expected-so she and her husband decided to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals of buying or selling businesses by opening their own Mergers & Acquisitions firm in Johns Creek Business Park.

The Atlanta Business Brokerage firm offers the business seller or buyer a level of professionalism not typically available in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Their team of professionals brings decades of experience to each transaction. They back that experience with the resources of the world's strongest network of business intermediaries; state-of-the-art Internet and Intranet resources; extensive in-house valuation databases and links; a strong Atlanta and Georgia network, Mergers & Acquisitions team and much more.

"Buying or selling a business, or going through a merger and acquisition deal, is one of the most important decisions you'll make in your professional career, and you need to have the 'street knowledge' SBG's services offer," Jandali says.

When business owners think about selling their business, there are normally more questions than answers. The decision to sell is never easy. It is highly personal and takes much thought, stirs emotions and uncovers many questions. "The most frequently asked question by sellers is, 'What is my business worth?' Small businesses sell for a multiple of their cash flow. The definition of cash flow with small businesses is EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) plus owner's compensation," Jandali explains.

"Timing is critical, but is there a wrong time to sell? No," says Jandali. "The average small business changes hands every five to seven years because of burnout, retirement, illness, partnership disputes and relocation. The biggest misconception is that the owner is selling because something is wrong. People change businesses just like people change jobs. The best time to sell is when your business is doing well," Jandali says.

SBG navigates each step of the way so owners can focus on running the business until the right qualified buyer is found. "Good businesses always sell, but good buyers don't always buy, so there is no buyer shortage," states Jandali. One of the most important things SBG offers is confidentiality, which is of utmost importance to business owners. Confidentiality is important in any sale, but especially in a merger and acquisition, says Jandali.

"Starwood Business Group and my entire staff focus on the needs of our clients by providing confidential and professional representation to business owners. We have consistently met or exceeded the expectations of business owners by protecting their confidentiality, thoroughly qualifying buyers and properly structuring transactions. The support, hard work and dedication of our experienced staff is invaluable. We are grateful for our past successes and look forward to continued future successes," Yasmine Jandali says.

"We've handled transactions from nearly every industry regardless of size or sales price. We bridge the gap between sellers and buyers," Jandali concludes. "Our business is selling businesses!"

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