Buy Mephedrone In The UK

My insight to the new designer drug taking hold of the UK

Today I would like to talk about the new drug that has taken the up by storm....
As featured in many news papers and even the news itself. It seems people are going crazy for mephedrone here is my take on the matter

Typical UK trying to ban a substance they do not understand. I'm sure if there was tax on mephedrone or any legal high it would be fine! Are they worried it will take people away from binge drinking??(I'm sure all the press about binge drinking are subliminal messages to drink more).
This chemical has been around for at least 4 years. That is the year I first came in to contact with it. Today MEPHEDRONE has only been linked to 3 deaths, yet if you look hard enough some reports do publish the truth regarding the deaths such as, Mixed with other drugs, underlying health problems etc. This chemical will get banned soon enough and make way for a new chemical that isn't banned. I don't drink or smoke but do like to take safer drugs such as MDMA or Mephedrone. Why not teach the safe way to take it. Give people the option rather than the typical "let's ban it" not only will it educate people but it will hurt the "real drug" dealers.
Gordon Brown is not rocket scientist. If he wanted to go to the moon he would ask a specialist for advise correct, yet when he asked Government adviser Professor David Nutt for his advice, he got the sack for saying ecstacy and cannabis were less dangerous than alcohol and tobacco. What does that tell you! A man who has devoted his life to science getting the sack for telling the truth.

More people pass away from Drink or Tobacco each day that people taking these types of drugs in a year. When it comes down to more troublesome drugs such as heroin and crack cocaine I fully support the government. These drugs do ruin lives but they shouldn't get tarnished with the same brush. Oh and before I conclude I have been taking safe drugs for many years. They do not in most cases lead to harder drugs. I have no urge to take heroin or crack!

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