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The Joystick Company has the pleasure to announce that the number of users of the shisha sticks has increased significantly last year in the world!

The Joystick Company has the pleasure to announce that the number of users of the shisha sticks has increased significantly last year in the world!

According to the latest forecasts, vapor cigarette sales are growing at a rapid pace. At last estimates, sales of electric cigarette in the UK will reach 250 million pounds by 2014, and by 2015 the number of vapor cigarette users in the UK will reach 1 million. This number represents a fairly large amount considering that in 2011 there were only about 300,000 users of the e cigarette in the United Kingdom. It is time to be in trend and buy electronic cigarette yourself!

"If we think that with the advent device called e cigarette was promoted increasingly more, we believe that the electric cigarette will become more and more popular in the nearest future. According to some market studies, the shisha sticks will cover 25% of the tobacco market, all by 2025. Hopefully these projections come true and that those affected by diseases caused by traditional tobacco cigarettes will decrease in number worldwide. Nowadays, you have access to shisha sticks online, and you can buy electronic cigarette from the Joystick Company.

Our team is constantly working on improving the shisha pen, so that you can enjoy this healthy alternative to smoking. Buy electronic cigarette from the Joystick Company and choose your own favorite flavor. It is time to be a part of the change in the world and think more about your health and the health of those around you", says Kellie Yardley, PR manager of the Joystick Company.

The Joystick Company specializes in nicotine free, no tar vapor cigarette. The Joystick Company's shisha pen is the latest in eshisha technology. Our shisha e cigarette brings a new pleasure to your social experiences, to be shared and enjoyed by all. We've developed the original shisha into the latest electronic shisha, designed with no harmful toxins as they contain no tar, tabacco, nicotine or other poisons. Your electric cigarette has quite simply been created for your enjoyment, offering five fantastic colours and flavours to suit your mood, in particular, the ever popular peach shisha.

"We had mixed reactions from smokers who tried the electronic cigarettes. While some people thought it was unnatural to smoke electronic cigarettes, others were very excited because the sensation is just great. Some have felt healthier... and everyone agreed that in one way or another electronic cigarette meets their need for smoking.

The success of the story has become our responsibility, and our purpose is to help people quit smoking. Most of our customers have managed to reduce smoking at 10-2 cigarettes per day, and some of them even gave up smoking completely. If you want to be a part of this project and live your life in a healthier way, you should buy electronic cigarette now and you will immediately feel the change!" concluded Kellie Yardley.

Naomi Green is associate author at The Joystick Company offering vapor cigarette, e cigarette and electric cigarette wholesale or e cigarette contain no nicotine, no tar and no harmful substances. For more info:

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