Butterfly Release at Wedding: A Fascinating American Tradition

Every girl dreams about a fairytale wedding since her childhood. She wants her day to be perfect and memorable.

Every girl dreams about a fairytale wedding since her childhood. She wants her day to be perfect and memorable. Butterfly releases for a wedding is a ceremony which can complete a single part of your dream. According to North American tradition everybody releases a butterfly on wedding day. There is saying so if you tell your wish to butterfly and release it on a wedding day; they will not reveal it anywhere and your wish will come true. So they need lots of butterfly to accomplish this ritual.

At Enchanted Butterflies, they are offering butterflies to release at a wedding. They prepare them completely so they are ready to release. They make your day special by filing colors of butterfly to it. They offer variety of butterflies for a wedding in a very reasonable and affordable price. You will get best and colorful butterfly if you will choose them and you do need not to make extra preparations for butterfly releasing.

They have huge variety of butterfly. Mainly people demand of painted lady and monarch butterfly. They look very bright and colorful. Conducting live butterfly release on wedding day is best substitute of rice or balloon releases. It is environment friendly as well.


If you will place order with them, they deliver your order on a day before your wedding day. They always send butterflies via road transportation at night time. They provide cool packaging so that butterflies can fall asleep till you wedding day. Butterfly will not get hurt or injured by each other if they are in sleeping mode. They fully fed them and they are ready to release. Before using you need to keep the box of butterflies on sunlight and you can release them.

But if you have a plan to perform release for a butterfly individually you need add them in mass release cages. You can put your butterfly packets in a basket. But make sure basket should not getting direct sunlight else it will harm your butterflies.

It is said that Wedding butterfly release takes good fortune and blessings for the new couple. Now a day's people are arranging butterfly release for their birthdays and social get together. Butterfly releases for wedding or other events are a simple and elegant ritual.

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