Business Promotion Site Adopts New Policy, Offering Clients Cost Free Products

Business promotion site is building loyalty by adopting a new policy giving customers many promotion materials at no cost.

In an effort to attract customers and retain them, is turning to a time-tested, albeit risky approach: they are going to give away certain products for free. These products include business cards and holders, rubber stamps, business card magnets, postcards, labels, invitations and announcements, and even T-shirts. These products represent a good cross section of business supplies that most online as well as brick and mortar businesses need on an ongoing basis.

Paul Schacht, director of operations at concedes that his company is taking a different, though not necessarily novel approach and that "with any promotion you do in business, you run the risk that the payoff won't be there." Mr. Schacht also stated that "we have carefully considered our free promotion, and we believe it will yield great dividends in the form of an influx of new customers who will end up purchasing our other products and services, and not just the ones given away for free."

Potential customers will delight in the fact that the free business cards and other products being offered sans cost are not unwanted products that have been sitting idly on shelves; rather, the products are first rate customized items that are made to order. Moreover, these are premium products, in full color, rather than black and white which are commonly offered by other companies that provide free promotion products.

"Business cards in color not only stand out, but also allows you to exhibit some creativity," notes Mr. Schacht. "Most businesses completely overlook the fact that the business card leaves an indelible impression on potential customers, thus it would be prudent to get them done properly...this is not the time to cut corners," adds Mr. Schacht. Indeed, Mr. Schacht juxtaposed a black and white business card with its color counterpart and the difference is night and day. The colored business card jumps at you, and its details tends to leave a better impression relative to the black and white version.

In today's economic environment, the free business cards and products made available by the entrepreneurs at is a welcome promotion indeed. They are betting that their initial generosity will ultimately turn into an upwelling of goodwill, with customers turning to for other business supplies in the long run.

Mr. Schacht is encouraging business owners to take advantage of the free offers. "There are no strings attached. Free in this case really means free. And, we stand by our work. People who stop by and try our products will be glad they did."


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