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Business Consulting Company is Launched to provide consulting services worldwide.

Entrepreneur Kyle Iverson launches Business Consulting Company, K7 Business Consulting. After years of experience with starting and running his own companies from very humble beginnings, he aims to give back to companies in need and guide those striving to be great. The company provides businesses consulting services to companies worldwide. The company mainly focuses on what he calls "Big Picture Success" which is all aspects of the operation but also provides consulting to specific areas of the business.

Consulting areas:

Big Picture Success (Current operations) All aspects of the operation
Customer Experience
Growth in Current Market(s)
New Market(s) Expansion
Product Improvement or Enhancement
Marketing: Internet, Print, Television, Social
E Commerce
Logistics Manufacturing Processes
Service Efficiency
Make My Company More Green. Environmentally friendly

"My passion is helping businesses be more profitable and efficient. I've been there and done that with business start ups and developing businesses to perform at their best. This consulting business is my vision of what a great consulting company looks like. An assembly of great talent to make a posetive difference. My recent recruiting start up business performed with ROI (Return on Investment) of 5500% after one year! It's really about doing the best you can in anything you do. That mentality has been engrained in me from early on." - Kyle Iverson, Owner K7 Business Consulting. http://www.k7bizconsulting.com

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