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Business Center Helps Entrepreneurs Quickly Start Their Way to Offshore Company Setup and Management

Bridges Executive Centre provides full insight to setting up an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands or Seychelles, as more and more entrepreneurs are seriously considering the business prospect.

Formation of an offshore company is becoming an increasingly popular trend among entrepreneurs, as a business strategy of fighting off the heavy taxes and mounting fees that a limited company is often required to comply with in many countries. Several businessmen are weighing the advantages of setting up an offshore company in an aim to, ultimately, shield their business from heavy income taxes and benefit from tax-free trade licenses and royalty rights.

Much as it is a highly technical matter that involves in-depth know-how on income tax laws, license agreements, company registration and setup costs, among others, the prospect of an offshore company can be intimidating. As such, while an offshore business is ideal, it requires for an investor to have the right team of professionals for sound advice and assistance - which Bridges Executive Centre is fully equipped to offer.

Bridges Executive Centre is the one-stop business solutions provider, taking away all the hassles and headaches that often come with forming or managing an offshore business, and enabling it to operate. Detailing its services at, the company helps streamline and complete the process of setting up a British Virgin Islands (BVI) or Seychelles offshore company effectively and efficiently.

A leading Hong Kong-based firm, provides a comprehensive presentation of the many aspects of the offshore company formation. The website zeroes in on the top factors that should matter when deciding between BVI and Seychelles, including the geographic location, population, popularity of the jurisdiction, taxation and privacy, authorized share capital and opening an HK bank account.

As the premier business solutions provider in HK, Bridges maintains a luxurious business centre with two locations situated right in the heart of Central and Admiralty districts. It specializes in providing corporations and individuals with high-grade serviced office, virtual office, meeting / conference facilities, HD video conferencing and a full blend of professional advisory services ranging from company formation, accounting, working visa to dedicated secretarial support.

To find out more about setting up an offshore company in BIV or Seychelles, please check out for information, or visit for more details.

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