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Busana Muslim Ranti Gallery Introduces New Baju Muslim and Other Islamic Fashion Arrivals to Collection

Ranti.co.id, an online shop that offers Muslim clothing and accessories, expands its selection with the addition of new products, including new varieties of a baju Muslim or Muslim dress.

The worth of the global Muslim fashion market is pegged at US $96 million, and is promising to escalate in the years to come. More and more, the fashion industry is noticing the value of elaborate and often inimitable designs that creators of Muslim wears put into their masterpieces. With Muslim styles becoming part of mainstream fashion, it is not surprising that the market for such ethnic pieces is expanding.

Busana Muslim Ranti Gallery, through its website Ranti.co.id, provides an extensive variety of fashionable clothes for Muslim men, women and children. It strives to exhibit Muslim wear as an elegant representation of the Muslim culture, as shown in its classy and beautiful designs that fuse Islamic theology with modern style.

An Indonesia-based online retail store, Ranti.co.id incorporates local ethnic touch with international lines, providing every Muslim wearer and appreciating non-Muslim with the impression that the modern yet ethnic line lives on to create a total look that is elegant and luxurious - all without losing its own signature.

In particular, Ranti.co.id sells Muslim dresses called Baju Muslim or Busana Muslim in Bahasa Indonesia. Its extensive array of women wears includes the tunik, gamis, set tunik, rompi or vest, jacket and skirt, as well as selendang or scarf. Men can choose from the selections of Baju koko and gamis products. Moreover, perlengkapan sholat or prayer materials and other accessories can also be bought from the online store.

Keeping customers up-to-date with the latest in Muslim fashion, Ranti.co.id announces the arrival of new stocks. The website comes with a dedicated section that displays in full color various new apparel pieces, consisting of the Sarimbit Couple, Gamis Syafakila, Gamis Shavana, Gamis Fana, Gamis Ayudiah, Set Tunik Zafiya and Gamis Munifah. The new items, which come in a variety of colors and designs, are currently in stock. Ranti.co.id also treats customers to discounts on select items.

To purchase Muslim apparel and accessories, please visit http://www.ranti.co.id and browse through its portfolio of products.

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