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Burton Is A Halloween Hit

With Burton releasing a new gothic stop-motion film just in time for Halloween, Fancy Dress Outfitters see which of his films are perfect for Halloween.

Frankenweenie, Corpse Bride, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Johnny Depp, Danny Elfman, gothic styling and stop motion animation. Throw all of these in to one equation and your only answer can be Tim Burton. He bought a new light to gothic genres and changed stop motion forever. For the better, or for the worse, is up to the individual to decide.

This man with greying hair and a talent for gothic stylings is the personification of Halloween. With his partner, Helena Bonham-Carter, the two are a duo of gothic genres and dark yet light styling. Throw in Johnny Depp and you have the majority of Burton's films. Again, whether that's good or bad can be argued by the individual.

Those at Fancy Dress Outfitters, however, think this trio of trouble are a match made in Heaven. Their dark works make perfect Halloween films, and everyone will be popping at least one of them in to their DVD players this October.

This is exactly why the Fancy Dress Outfitters crew are preparing their blogs and their costumes for the Halloween hit that is Tim and his friends. With wonderful blog posts telling you what films you shouldn't miss out on, and writing on the best gothic looking and Halloween costumes that will be hot in 2012, the blog of Fancy Dress Outfitters is almost as hot as the costumes that they have ready to sell to you, just in time for Halloween and trick or treating. Or that wonderful Halloween party where you want to dress to impress.

With Frankenweenie having been released on the 5th of October, and already becoming a big hit, the Fancy Dress Outfitters anticipate a rise in their costumes thanks to the help of the gothic genius that is Tim Burton.

Fancy Dress Outfitters is an online retailer of fancy dress costumes and Halloween outfits. They have a wide range of goods that are perfect for anyone to wear to their fancy dress event or Halloween party this year.

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