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Burnema Properties Limited Implements New Service

As a result of market expansion of its current portfolio Burnema Properties Limited would like to introduce get-to-know tours for interested parties.

After recent market entrance Burnema Properties Limited has managed to acquire a number of attractive real estate units in various parts of the country. Still not all customers are satisfied with just pictures and general specification of the target property unit. Moreover, the customers acquire real estate with different purpose: some for living and some for investment purposes. Those clients who decided to make Mexico its second home very often do not have a complete idea of what this country is. Newly implemented service will give a complete impression of how the life goes in Mexico, will enable the customers to take a closer look at the target property, and will allow evaluating the overall infrastructure around the real estate unit. These tours are not for tourist so the visitors who tend to find a place in a tourist group should address special bureaus.

Apart from the purposes mentioned above the tour is created to get acquainted with the developers, consultants and local real estate agents of Burnema Properties Limited who would tell about the real estate market conditions and will provide with complete explanations regarding the living issues. Apart from that the company is going to offer the meetings with the customers who have already acquired property in Mexico to share the experience and impressions with new clients.

All these measures are aimed at providing new customers with all required information on the place they are interested in. This is the service that can change once life forever bringing the unforgettable impressions of a new, yet unexplored world with its particular climate and living conditions.

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