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Bunya Mobile Device Management for Android

We are looking for Energetic, Overseas Businesses who are interested in working with the vendor of Bunya. Bunya is an embedded Android Mobile Device Management product. Hyderu Ltd is a European company. More information on our website

Bunya Embedded Management for Android offers new features including blocking of unauthorised apps - users cannot install their own apps potentially bypassing controls put in place to block viruses and malware. "The difference between firefighting and preventing a fire" was one of the comments recently made.

The new version of Bunya was released today which introduces a new way of managing your devices at work. Bunya gives corporations and IT departments a new and innovative way to boost productivity, and drive security while enhancing employee mobility satisfaction, and assist them with customers and partners. Enhancing the look and feel from ordinary MDM's to a user friendly system that is uncomplicated and enhances your business using your own business apps that your employees are accustomed to working with during their every day life.

"We are setting the bar higher for Android Mobility! Going forward there are a lot of opportunities for how this can develop, and we are looking forward to Bunya software becoming a driving force in both the business sector and for families"" - Susan Forshaw, CEO [Pre-Approved Quote]

Bunya's release pushes the boundaries for business by delivering a variety of instrumental features companies and employees can easily embrace. This helps to drive engagement via your CRM to accounts and agreements, from departments to what access staff have. We are constantly creating ways for companies to better business outcomes, and increase your productivity for your company and shareholders.

Driving Mobility for your business. 
The new and enhanced features in Bunya provides companies with a product to drive your mobile workforce that delivers extra value to both your business and users, making Bunya a platform that is noticeably different from others.

Bunya allows you to feel at ease and not be limited by the fear that BYOD is bringing into companies, security is of extreme importance in our product. We are committed to continue in enhancing many new features and we handle over the air upgrades.

Bunya has been completely reinvented to offer a flexible and user friendly way of using mobility in the workplace. A more intuitive way for people to ensure that company processes are used within in a secure manner. No more being concerned on who is looking at your data and systems. This breakthrough platform allows for , mobility applications or approved web pages without any effort by the IT department.

Bunya which seamlessly brings together business applications -- such as email, CRM systems and your own business applications. For example, a person in sales can use Bunya as their communications hub, between business apps or collaboration between departments, without the relevant context when making a decision on a sale or promotional deal.

Bunya supports multiple logins, so if you don't require a tablet each for daily work, all application data is removed, no history or skype logs. Eg: ideal for hospitals.

Bunya client downloads all resources configured for the user on that device when the user logs in, with it's full audit login information. Using Bunya offers the users the ability to synchronize their data, giving continuity and an improved workflow with structured outcomes.

We've had great success on both our server based Bunya and our cloud platform. We have employees connecting, and accessing secure company information and working on passing information across the business and to clients every day with this business-critical tool. We couldn't be more excited about Bunyas new release that is assisting employees and business to excel at their jobs and be more productive, however and wherever they work.

Bunya assists in increasing productivity by combining the power of your servers, cloud, and Android mobile technologies. Transforming your processes in the way you work and unleashes productivity, and connects your employees globally using the Bunya platform .

If anyone attempts to tamper with Bunya the device will be unregistered from the Bunya server, giving you peace of mind in case of loss of mobile or tablet.

Comments from the Java Magazine that compares 5 MDM's on the market. http://www.bunyamdm.com/index.php/blog/item/bunya-compared-with-other-mdm-systems

"Bunya offers a simple web-based administration interface, a special section for tracking, a wipe function and a message service as well as resetting the user's password. In addition, static resources, such as documents, images, videos, etc., can be managed. Furthermore, in the event of a server failure, the operation of the devices can be maintained via offline usage. This feature is adjustable for each resource. In order to adapt the performance to the current situation the interval for the synchronization with the server is freely scalable"
For more information, please visit bunyamdm.com.

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