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Bunnik Tours Now Offers Outstanding Tours of Cuba at the Most Affordable Prices

Book our Mexico & Cuba Tour and experience the magnificence and diversity the region has to offer!

Bunnik Tours is now offering outstanding tours of Cuba at the most reasonable prices. Tourists can opt for this small group tour and save $200. The total numbers of days in this tour is of 30 days.

Talking about the tour, one of their spokespersons stated, "Our Mexico and Cuba tour starts in Mexico City. Here we visit the archaeological site of Teotihuacán with its impressive Temple of the Sun and the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, arguably the most important Christian site in Latin America. From here our tour continues to Oaxaca where we tour the surrounding region including Monte Alban, spiritual home of the ancient Zapotecan people."

He also said, "Our Cuban portion of the tour starts in the colorful capital of Havana, where we explore the old town and enjoy a ride in a classic American car. The coastal city of Santiago de Cuba is our next stop, the site where Castro & Che Guevara's revolution commenced. Other highlights in Cuba include a visit to the province of Pinar del Rio home of the Cuban cigar, a visit to the beautiful colonial town of Baracoa and a fun day exploring the Escambaraye Mountain region where we have the chance to swim in the refreshing El Nicho waterfalls."

The unique experiences of this tour include Tour bustling Mexico City, Visit the archaeological site of Teotihuacán and the Church of Our Lady Of Guadalupe, Explore the ancient site of Palenque, Swim in the refreshing waters of the El Nicho waterfalls, and many more.

The company often updates its information on its social media pages and one can take information from them. Their social media pages are available in leading social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress. Clients can also view the travel story mentioned by other tourists. Travelers can also download the brochure to find more relevant information regarding the tour package.

About the Company:
When the company was started Bunnik Tours, Australia didn't need another tour company - it needed a better way of touring! In an industry dominated by large multinationals and mass tourism, Bunnik Tours stands alone. Its aim is simple, to provide a better way for Australians to see the world. As a family business it understands that its family's name and reputation is at stake every time it sells a holiday. That is why it is proud to call these tours its own. For it, it is about the passion of travel and discovery and it loves to share that with its clients. It holds customer service very close to its heart. It's reflected in everything the company does - from the first time tourists contact them, their strict ongoing quality controls, through to their personal follow up with each client after every tour. They are thrilled that Bunnik Tours has won the 2012 BRW Private Business Awards for excellence in customer service.

For more information, please visit http://www.bunniktours.com.au

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