BullsEye Radio Goes Mobile !

BullsEye Radio is one of the best oldies internet radio stations on the world wide web and has now expanded their listening audience to include Android and Apple.

Now available to the public absolutely free is the BullsEye Radio app. for Android which will allow listeners on BlackBerry's , Google Android , and tablets using the Android operating system to tune in to some of the greatest hits of all time. Android market has a music section where you can go to get this app for free or go directly to the site to get it.

The app is also available free of charge on iTunes in the music section as well or on the site for iTouch, iPad, and iPhone ( all versions ).

The expansion into the mobile device market will open up new doors for BullsEye Radio and open up a whole new market of listeners and advertisers as well. Businesses all across the web can now be assured that not only are their online business ads being heard on home PC's and Mac's all over the world but now are being heard by listeners on mobile devices of every kind worldwide , exposing their wares to millions of potential new buyers.

The new apps allow you to tune in, send email, view the calendar , meet the talented D.J.'s and also follow BullsEye Radio on Twitter & Facebook and so much more. Those that have flash built into their mobile devices can even visit the video chatroom and all of this for absolutely no cost whatsoever.

BullsEye Radio has been in business since 2007 and has continually advanced themselves step by step, first by going on air. Second by adding at first a free ad supported web chat until the advertisements became so annoying and intrusive that they finally purchased their own chat system. Third, adding in their own ad free messenger system that incorporates all the major messengers , for exactly the same reasons, no more intrusive and annoying popups or unwanted advertisements. And now , the step into the mobile market.

While there are alot of radio stations on the web , how many are actually legally licensed , actually paying royalties to all the hard working artists that provide them with the wares they air daily on their stations and how many can boast the advancements that BullsEye Radio has made ? Im willing to bet there arent as many as people think !

Playing the music from the 30's to 1979 and nothing past that , BullsEye Radio is going strong and climbing steps to the top everyday.

As of January 01 2012 , BullsEye Radio will expand their decades of music to include the 80's which will expand the library from the 30's to 1989. Adding 10 more years on to the music will get another whole new listening audience as well who loved the 80's which are actually becoming known as oldies as well. The library will not expand again in BullsEye for another 10 years.

Visit the site today and see for yourself why people are aiming for the BullsEye ! http://www.bullseyeradio.com All Oldies - All the time - When you want the best , Aim for the BullsEye !


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