Builder Association of South Florida Green Buildings Forum

Builders Association of South Florida Green Buildings Forum, Miami,FL. Dr. H. Saedi addresses Florida Governor Charlie Crist on importance of Rebate Programs from utilities for switching to energy saving LED lights.

Miami, FL
"The Green Buildings Forum" Sponsored by Builders Association of South Florida was held. The meeting was moderated by panelists and speakers included Florida Governor Charlie Crist, Miami-Dade County Clerk of the Courts, Harvey Rubin and Margarita "Maggie" Fernandez, who heads public outreach for Miami-Dade County's sustainability program.

During the meeting Dr. H. Saedi, director of Advanced LED Solution LLC, spoke with Governor Crist regarding the importance of contributions from utility companies and the lack in viable Rebate Programs for commercial and industrial customers for energy savings resulted by switching from conventional to LED lights.

Dr. Saedi also addressed Ms. Fernandez regarding misconceptions and wrong information that is perpetuated by many in the LED light industry and offered his expertise to guide the County in the vetting process.

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