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Just like any other market, online shopping tends to change over time, evolving to match the new needs and habits of customers. If you plan to build your e-shop on your own, you should trust such devoted companies as Ashop.

Following the hottest trends in e-commerce and applying brand new solutions to your business will not only ensure the high performance of your store, but also entice customers to return to your shop in the future. When creating your online shop with Ashop, you may be sure that it meets all the latest standards.

What You See Is What You Get

What's crucial to any e-commerce venture is the shop's graphic layout. The figures speak for themselves - a recent study shows a striking 92.6% of customers admitting that visuals are the top factor to influence their purchase decision. A clear and pleasant layout featuring multiple photos of large size and high quality should do the trick. Speaking of visuals, you mustn't forget videos since the study showed that more than a half of customers claimed to have gained confidence in purchasing products that were demonstrated on short videos. Another thing to remember here is the fact that plenty of people use mobile devices for online shopping, so be it a smart-phone or a tablet, you must prepare our layout to look great in its mobile version too. The visuals are key to draw the consumer into our shop - after that you'll only need to ensure that his shopping becomes a pleasant experience.

Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye

The importance of a perfectly structured checkout process is immense - more than two thirds of customers tend to abandon their purchase at this point. Why does that happen? Around 40% of customers cite hidden charges at checkout and a third admit that they left the shop once they saw they needed to register before buying. While those are definitely two things to watch out for when designing the checkout process, you can also take into account that 10% of customers complained for its length. In order to ensure your checkout is at its best, Ashop adds clear 'Proceed' and 'Back' buttons to the procedure, displays the checkout steps so that the customer knows how far he's into the process and makes sure that the whole checkout looks simple so as not to distract customers from purchase.

Those are the basic steps any online shop owner must take if he aims at succeeding in the e-commerce market. By keeping in touch with the latest trends and findings in consumer psychology and software solutions, Ashop customers can be sure that their store will steadily grow to its success.

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