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Buffalo Watt Releases Converged Energy 2014 May Update

Buffalo Watt today announced that it has released Converged Energy 2014 May Update.

Buffalo Watt today announced that it has released Converged Energy 2014 May Update. The update includes numerous enhancements to the Retail Energy and Cloud Automation functionality of the platform.

Cloud Automation has added support and interoperability with Echelon's iLon SmartServer 2.0. The support includes real-time data collection from the iLon SmartServer and remote configuration. Additionally, the Cloud Automation scheduling functionality has been enhanced to support:

• Day-type based schedules and Date-based exceptions.
• Schedule Presets
• Calculation of Sunrise and Sunset

Retail Energy has enhanced its account management and portfolio-level reporting. The update provides energy retailers with improved vision into their customer's performance, portfolio-based reporting and consolidated billing reports by customer portfolio. Additionally, the Rate Ready functionality was improved, providing simpler maintenance of rate-ready rates and quick submission to utilities.

About Buffalo Watt
Buffalo Watt believes in thinking differently about Energy Management.

Narrowly-focused energy supply, demand management and energy efficiency solutions are incomplete. While many of these solutions do successfully manage narrow energy goals, they miss out on the exponentially larger energy management and savings opportunities that exist when energy management is addressed holistically.

Buffalo Watt delivers a simple, intuitive, cloud-based Converged Energy Platform that addresses energy management differently. It holistically manages energy supply, demand and efficiency.

Converged Energy 2014 consists of:

Retail Energy:
Complete back-office platform to operate and manage a retail energy supply company.

Cloud Automation:
Automate and optimize your facilities energy and environmental performance.

Business Intelligence
Apps to visualize, analyze and deliver energy intelligence. For instance, our ScoreCard App let's you score and track how your facility competes with other similar facilities.

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At Converged Energy, we believe in thinking differently about Energy Management.

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