Buckingham Place Wins 3 'Top' Trip Advisor Travellers' Choice Awards - 2013

The Buckingham Place is awarded by Trip Adviser yet again!

Hot on the heels of their 2012 Trip Advisor Award for Excellence, Buckingham Place wins three 'Top' Trip Advisor Awards for 2013 including a prestigious #3 in '25 Top Small Hotels in Asia' a category in which two Sri Lankan hotels are included this year.

"I think our early Trip Advisor success bears testament to delivering good old fashioned hospitality and the Teams dogged determination to get it right" says UK born hotelier Nick Buckingham. "Developing a warm yet professional relationship and genuinely caring for guests is obviously much easier at a boutique size, but as every hotel drives for success, core values can be easily overshadowed with perceptions that adding extra value is only about latest soft furnishings or installing plasma TV's in bathrooms. While for many; particularly travellers to large cities, this detailing is desired and expected it doesn't necessarily equate to a good bottom line for a boutique hotel, whose guests invariably seek something more meaningful".

Buckingham Place offers something out of the ordinary which can be seen by some in the industry as quite contra to the norm. A business orientated contemporary hotel but, one with personality, sense of humour and a heartbeat. A hotel with core values as its foundation - not purely the profit motive. "From inception we've set out to differentiate who we are and what we do. Guests regularly and very kindly, judge that we should 'stay on track' then, recommend the hotel far and wide, often with amazing passion!" Without reinventing the wheel the team implements everything it can to maximise and personalise guest care, minus the typical associated intrusion. They view guests as individuals not occupancy statistics and, as people who work and save very hard to fulfil their dream - of an outstandingly memorable tropical holiday.

Good news for Sri Lanka is that global benchmarks are being matched in tourism, bringing the island's industry ever closer to principal goals of visitor numbers, product standard and jobs created. But, whilst big 'blue chips' represent high volume there'll always be strong demand for standard bearers in niches, including boutique and low budget sectors. One need look no further than Trip Advisor for evidence.

The Buckingham Place by-line 'Believe in Sri Lanka' succinctly reflects the upbeat and refreshing outlook of the hotels team and its owner.

This modest but impressive, stylish but understated hotel overlooks the vast lagoon at Rekawa near Tangalle. Rekawa's meandering spectacular beach is just 2 minutes walk from the gates and whether indulging yourself at Buckingham Place for its proximity to nature or 'the real village experience' or just good and wholesome food, you'll enjoy the sanctuary of a really great room equally to the genuine warmth of a truly hospitable team.

From $235, bed & breakfast is included for two, as is VAT/levies and service. Do remember however, it's not only about competitive rates. It's equally to do with core values and seeing to believe in Sri Lanka close up.... coupled of course with some good old fashioned hospitality!

Buckingham Place has won three 2013 Travellers Choice awards and will surely strive to maintain guest confidence. The hotel proudly ranks: #1 'Top Small Hotels in Sri Lanka' #1 'Top Hotels for Service in Sri Lanka' and #3 'Top Small Hotels in Asia'.

Company History.

June 2002; subsequent to enjoyable holidays in Sri Lanka Nick Buckingham formed a BOI/Tourist Board approved company to construct and operate Buckingham Place - a semi-retirement project.

Breaking ground mid 2003, construction continued until the Tsunami of 2004 after which Nick set up a voluntary Trust to rehabilitate and equip Tangalle Hospital - a c$1.2m project.
With the hospital project behind him, hotel construction restarted in 2008, leading to Buckingham Place welcoming early guests from 1st October 2010.

Focused on overseeing the hotels development, Nick recently commenced work on extra facilities - or 'Phase 2' as he calls it. "We now have a much better 'handle' on traveller expectations and therefore we'll cater for them sensitively and carefully through the hotels further expansion".

Please visit www.buckinghamplace.lk for additional information about what is happening at the Buckingham Place.

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