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Brooklyn Industries Supports Causes And Community With Three New Collaborative Graphic T-Shirt Designs

Brooklyn Industries is proud to highlight three new graphic T-shirt designs in their Spring 2013 collection. Since their founding in 1999, graphic T-shirts are one important outlet through which Brooklyn Industries shares its inspirations in a way the community can wear and make their own. This year, from the charged issues of marriage equality and climate change, to creating collaborative work with the musicians in their neighborhood, these new designs reflect causes or relationships near and dear to the hearts of the company and the community Brooklyn Industries operates in. These T-shirts will be available as their spring collection hits stores through March 2013.

"You Are Beautiful"
This is the most recent installment of an ongoing T-shirt design that Brooklyn Industries began last year. This year, new additions to their time-specific map graphic are featured, showing the most recent states to legalize same sex marriage, Washington, Maine, Connecticut, and Maryland. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this shirts are donated to the Ali Forney Center for Homeless LGBT Youth, with whom Brooklyn Industries has worked in the past to raise awareness of marriage equality. This shirt is currently available in stores and online.
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"Love Me Like You Used To"
To launch the new Band Tees series, Brooklyn Industries collaborated with local group Class Actress to co-design a T-shirt, using singer Elizabeth Harper's lyrics from their song, "Love Me Like You Used To," from their 2011 release, "Rapproacher." The collaboration resulted in a design that not only captures the synth pop vibe of their music, but the sultry and sometimes heartbreaking content of the band's songs. This tee is available in an oversized boyfriend body with burnout-style jersey, available late February in stores and online.

"Don't Leave Me Now"
Hurricanes, tornadoes, heat waves, oh my. New York City has certainly not been exempt from the havoc enacted by Mother Nature, so this design features melted icebergs to call attention to the very real issue of global warming. The tees are made with eco-friendly dyes and organic cotton (plus recycled polyester and bamboo for the men's version). A portion of proceeds from sales of this tee will be donated to, a New York based grassroots movement working to solve the climate crisis. This shirt will be available mid-March.

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