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BroadConnect Telecom Provides Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and Queuing

Broadconnect Telecom, the leading telecommunication provider in USA and Canada provides automatic call distribution and queuing.

Hosted Call Centre solution from BroadConnect Telecom offers the call centres to upgrade their existing telephony infrastructure and move to a modern system in which the employees can attend the calls even from home, remote offices and mobile handsets. Using this technology the geographically dispersed call centre agents can work as if they are working from the same location. The Automatic Call Distribution features from BroadConnect includes call queuing facility, hunt groups, find-me follow-me facilities, and the most popular Automated Attendant features.

Automatic Call Distribution is a network based system in which incoming calls are transferred to an appropriate call centre agent with the right skill or to the right department, wherever they are based in the world, using intelligent call routing methodology. Customers can get immediate response to the calls as the incoming calls are routed to the most appropriate agent. This network solution is more scalable and flexible as it meets the needs of a large number of customers. The hosted platform allows more number of call centre agents from multiple locations. The service is available from BroadConnect on a monthly fee basis, which avoids the expenses for a premise based service. Thus this technology can be accessed by small and medium business firms on an affordable cost.

Call Distribution features offered by BroadConnect:

• ACD state indicates the availability of a call centre agent through the device interface.

• When the queue is overloaded the incoming calls are redirected to an overflow phone number. An overflow is triggered either by the number of calls in the queue or by the amount of time spent by that call in the queue.

• Call accounting facility helps the administrators to identify the flow of incoming calls and to decide the staffing requirements. It also provides information like how long a caller was delayed in a queue before reaching an agent and the number of callers that hang up before reaching an agent.

• Agents themselves can login and change the settings without the need of a service provider.

• Each idle agent will be provided with incoming calls simultaneously.

• Skill based routing facility in which the incoming calls are routed to the agent with most appropriate skill. A caller is routed to an agent based on several factors like- caller's telephone number, choices made by the caller on the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems. It allows the agents to develop specific areas of expertise.

• Allows the agents to handle calls at geographically distributed multiple sites.

• Linear, Circular and Uniform call distributions are provided. In Linear distribution agents are visited in order starting always from the first agent. In Circular distribution agents are visited in order starting from where the last operation ended. And in Uniform call distribution calls are distributed uniformly to the agents, and starts from the idle agent.

Using Automatic Call Distribution facilities a supervisor can listen or record an on-going call. This makes the agents to work efficiently and helps the supervisor to identify the training needs. Along with these features some additional features are also provided like Queue Announcements, Queue Management etc. Music-on-hold, Entrance greetings, customized announcements etc are the queue announcement features. In queue management the provided features are joining and un-joining of an agent, customizing queue length and size, customizing call wait times, queue transfer and many more.

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