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British Wholesalers Offer Fitted Sheets for All Mattress Sizes

British Wholesalers provide wholesale and retail customers in the UK with a good selection of fitted sheets for all mattress sizes.

British Wholesalers is a well-established textile import and export company based in Manchester in the United Kingdom. The company has years of industry experience and provide their wholesale and retail customers with the highest quality home textiles at affordable prices.

The company offers an extensive range of products from bed linen to towels to kitchen linens and more. Each item is made with attention to detail, ensuring it is made from the highest quality materials to meet the expectations of all their customers throughout the country.

British Wholesalers provide customers with fitted sheets for all sized mattresses from 12" to 16" corners to the more traditional sizes in a host of material options, colours and styles. They provide everything from a poly-cotton blend to the highest quality one hundred percent Egyptian cotton.

Many homeowners prefer the convenience that fitted sheets provide, sitting snugly around the mattress without coming lose while the bed is in use. This is different to a flat sheet, which requires a fair amount of tucking to get it into place without a guarantee it will stay there as the person sleeps.

A spokesperson from British Wholesalers said "The fitted sheet was first invented in the 1950's by a lady named Bertha Berman. She made headlines and was an inspiration to housewives offering them an easy way to make the bed without too much pulling and tugging."

Fitted sheets have grown in popularity throughout the years with the majority of homeowners choosing a fitted sheet over a flat sheet, though flat sheets still remain the firm favourite for the hospitality industry.

British Wholesalers advised that a fitted sheet is easily identified as the four corners are normally held together with elastic, ensuring they fit the mattress perfectly creating a smooth and straight bedding solution.

The company has been selling fitted sheets to customers throughout the UK for years, their Egyptian cotton options are the most popular and they handle orders on a daily basis for these particular products.

British Wholesalers mentioned that they believe the demand they enjoy for their fitted sheets is based on their superior prices and quality. They also provide all their customers with the best customer service to ensure they have an enjoyable online shopping experience.

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