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Britain Braced For Coldest Winter In A Century

Britain is set to face its coldest winter for 100 years. The mild autumn has only served as temporary respite before the full impact of the cold snap takes place.

Tonight will signify a considerable drop in temperature as the full grip of winter starts to take hold. Temperatures are expected to fall as low as -3c this week and decline further throughout December. This represents the coldest winter that the country has faced in a century. The effects that the disastrous weather could have are innumerate.

Although the torrential rain that has flooded parts of the UK looks set to cease, there are substantial fears that snow blizzards could take effects and close roads and rail networks throughout the UK. This snow looks set to disrupt many lives.

Meteogroup forecaster John Lee has explained: "The weather will be much colder and drier across most of the UK today. Northerly winds and clearer skies will make it feel much colder and we can expect widespread frost overnight when temperatures drop below freezing. Wintry showers will bring sleet, snow and hail to higher ground tomorrow and there's a risk of heavy snow showers in northern Scotland on Friday."

Two years ago during the last heavy snowfall, Britain was found to be painfully lacking when tackling the effects of the weather. The high levels of snow and lack of gritters and snowploughs caused many transport links to close down indefinitely.
Local authorities are keen to avoid the same situation when this projected snowfall occurs. Peter Box of the Local government Association revealed:

"Keeping the country moving is a community effort. Councils will be treating as many roads as they can and have also installed and filled thousands of extra grit bins for people living in side streets, villages and housing estates.

"They've given equipment to parish councils, community groups and snow wardens who have volunteered to grit hard-to-reach areas, and farmers will be helping out on country lanes. Highways, street-cleaning and park staff could also be drafted in to help clear snow and ice around places like shops, schools and sheltered accommodation."

Those with large vehicles such as Compact Tractors can help their communities by clearing roads and paths of adverse conditions. The compact tractor can be fitted with ploughing features to help clear snow from roads. Additional, fittings can turn a Compact Tractor into a salt gritter. These functions can help whole communities make their way to important meets, appointments, work and school.

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