Bring Your Medical Practice into the 21st Century with the Most Advanced Appointment Scheduling System in the Healthcare Market

Let maximize your revenue while organizing your patient appointment scheduling

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Bring your medical practice into the 21st century with the most advanced appointment scheduling system in the healthcare market

Let maximize your revenue while organizing your patient appointment scheduling promotes and advertises participating physicians to increase clientele to the office

• Patients have full access to the physician's bio/affiliations

• Patients have the ability to complete lengthy forms prior to arrival

• Current patients have access to Personalized QR Scan Code Cards for quick references

The moment the QR Scan Card is scanned via smartphone or tablet the patient can schedule follow-up appointments immediately

Thus, helping to maintain patient retention and boost revenue

There are also added benefits to introducing into the office

• The intuitive cloud based internet service frees up the healthcare provider allowing more time to accommodate the patients in the office

• The text message confirmation feature alerts both the physician and patient the instant the appointment is booked

• Patients have weighed in: Patients do not like to be placed on hold, they prefer scheduling their appointments online

Special thanks: On December 21st 2013 Ezdocnow and the Miami VA Healthcare System Saluted the Veterans providing over 100 veterans' families an unwrapped gift, in a generous attempt to give back to those who fought for our freedom. The event was a magical success thanks to all involved
*** was founded in 2010 by David Marsidi and Dr. Lawrence Hakim (Urology Chairman, The Cleveland Clinic Florida). The site allows patients the ability to schedule and obtain healthcare services in an expedited time

If you would like more information about the site, or to learn more about the site, please call David Marsidi at (888)262-7187 or email


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