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Outsourcing is no new phenomenon. It started as early as in 1700 at the time of the Industrial Revolution when companies started contracting their merchandises to other companies across the world where they felt that the manual labour was comparatively cheaper.

As technology started developing, more and more companies started outsourcing their businesses to other countries which eventually lead to outsourcing of services to India as well.

Certain companies at some point of time in their business feel the need to outsource their services to a third party company. Outsourcing of services to India started in the 1980s and slowly picked up motion in the 1990s.

In today's ever demanding world, outsourcing of services has become essential to the BPO & the healthcare sector and has experienced a major makeover over the years.

Now, gradually India has become the fireball for outsourcing of BPO & IT companies and is still considered the super power in customizing and developing IT solutions across the globe.

Outsourcing is a term used by businesses to subcontract their work to a third party professional organization either within their own country or overseas countries.

Outsourcing gives triumphant path to success to multinational companies in managing the data for the direct requirements. India is considered as a huge BPO industry and the rising option for several businesses that are looking forward to outsourcing their services to India.

In India, the outsourcing companies have well-qualified and experienced professionals who are competent enough to provide quality services in the right period of time.

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