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Brightlife Music's Hip Hop Lyricist Emaculent Set To Drop Widely Anticipated EP 15 Min. To E.

Los Angeles based independent music label Brightlife Music's hip hop lyricist Emaculent is set to release his widely anticipated EP 15 Min. To E. Feature list includes the likes of Ray J. and Lazie Bone from Bone Thugs and Harmony.

Street date is finally here! Scheduled to debut in stores on December 4th, 2012 with a feature list that includes the likes of R & B sensation Ray J. and hip hop icon Lazie Bone from the legendary rap group, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Emaculent's widely anticipated EP 15 Min. to E is sure to grab the attention of many hip hop fans worldwide. Whether you're a snap back and tattoos kind of guy, rhythmic beat boxer, back pack rapper or old school DJ, one thing is certain throughout - Emac's delivery, rhythmic melodies, and detailed lyrical visuals will have you vibing and bobbing along with every beat and flow.

Emaculent (aka Emac) delivers the true representation of the art, the grit and the skills of a seasoned MC. He possesses a self-assured swagger. His words bob and weave throughout each track like a professional verbal athlete. Filled with linguistic portraits of his early years, and nail biting imagery, Emaculent delivers punch after punch of power and personality.

Currently in radio rotation nationwide and already in the Top 200 charts, you can capture a glimpse of Emaculent's lyrical genius on his hit single "Centerfold", featuring R&B Pop veteran Ray J.

When asked: "What sets you apart from all the other MC's in the game today?" Emac confidently responded: "I deliver lyrical soul food!! I bring lyricism to fore front of my music."

With hype already building off his debut mixtape: Global Killer Vol. 1, available for free to download on, and a loyal following of fans that travel in herds, Emac is grabbing the attention of many worldwide, with a style and delivery that is uniquely powerful and verbally distinct.

For more information on Emaculent or to hear his music, please visit:

Make sure to stream or download his mixtape: Global Killer Vol. 1 for FREE on @:

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