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Breakthrough Technology Makes Athletes Run Faster By Training The Nervous System

Invented by Jay Schroeder, North America's top sports performance coach, the patented POV System and protocols train the nervous system to elicit rapid gains in speed and strength 60-80% faster than normal training. Seminar launch May 31st, Chicago.

For years athletes have trained their body PHYSIOLOGICALLY, with the understanding that this would spur muscle growth, flexibility, strength, agility, speed and overall performance in order to transcend their skills onto the field, baseball diamond or court. In essence, they have continually trained their HARDWARE (muscles) while ignoring the most important component of what drives elite athletic performance and speed; our body's neurological make-up…our SOFTWARE if you will. You can have the best computer in the world, but without the right software in place to drive its true potential, it is vastly limited in what it can do. Our body is NO different and that's where Jay Schroeder and his POV technology and training protocols have taken amateur and professional sports by storm, with a current client base of more than 2,000 of the world's most elite professional athletes and growing.

The POV Technology

For the human body to make quantum leaps in physiological performance and for the brain to send the support needed to allow this to happen, we must train at 93% of our capacity for hours at a time which as we all know is impossible. Impossible from a physical standpoint, NOT a neurological standpoint.

When you train under the POV System and proprietary protocols ((FDA Approved and Patented), you are able to train your muscles neurologically in such a way that your brain thinks you are training at HIGH VELOCITY and in doing so, sends the appropriate support needed to sustain this maximum level of training. This INCREASED support will come in the form of more muscle fiber inclusion, nutritional fuel, blood flow, an increase in your ability to absorb force and a vast increase in your overall range of motion. When all of this comes together effectively, you begin to create NEW MUSCLE MEMORY and are able to perform physiologically at levels traditional training could never take you to.

"Its mind blowing what this POV technology can do. The ability to dramatically elevate speed in humans is incredible to say the least. The POV can train an antagonist and agonist muscle to work in synch whereby when the quad muscle, for example, concentrically contracts (shorten) and absorbs 1lb of force in 1/10th of a second the hamstring, or agonist muscle, will eccentrically contract (lengthen) and absorb that exact same load in that exact same time frame. What's that mean? You are more energy efficient, explosive and can create speed faster than your competitors and maintain it for longer periods of time", stated Mark McClure, owner of Dallas Peak Performance and Rehab and promoter of the Elite Speed Training Conference on May 31st www.EliteSpeedSeminar.com

"When your muscles are lengthened, eccentrically contracted, you are recovering at the very same time. More importantly, however, when your muscles are in eccentric contraction they are absorbing more force and creating more force and when you combine that with their opposing muscles working in neurological synch, your body is capable of amazing things from a speed and strength perspective. That's what the POV does, it trains your nervous system to allow this to happen and when combined with the training you're doing right now, will elicit gains in speed and strength not even steroids of PED's can emulate", McClure added.

Some of Schroeder's most recent clients include numerous members of the Chicago Blackhawks, Canadian Olympic Hockey Team (Gold Medal), Finland Olympic Hockey Team, US Olympic Hockey Team, more than 400 top NFL Players and hundreds of the Premiere League in Europe. This is all in addition to the hundreds of athletes who pay him anywhere from $15,000 per year to $100,000 per year to create specific POV programs geared towards their sport. Two most recent athletes that have been elevated to the top of their games is Stanley Cup MVP Jonathan Toews and NFL linebacker Karlos Dansby, who just signed an eight figure deal with the Cleveland Browns. Athletes from all over the world have sought Schroeder out for his patented technology and proprietary training protocols. He has now decided to make this advanced speed and strength training platform available to the masses.

"Yeah, pretty exciting. Jay has been very protective and secretive of this training format he has created as it is very valuable and athletes pay tens of thousands of dollars to be trained under this system. But he has now decided to allow the masses the opportunity to peak behind the curtain if you will and obtain a foundation in Neuro-Training that will dramatically elevate their speed and strength 60-80% faster than what they are experiencing now. This will be a seminar truly unlike anything they have ever attended. I don't care how advanced you think you are as a speed coach. This will blow you away," McClure ended.

To learn more about the Explosive Speed Training Conference go to www.EliteSpeedSeminar.com or call 214-272-0398.

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