Braintonik Announces The Availability of Strimko For PC

Say hello to Strimko, the next hot brain-teaser puzzle game which is bound to replace Sudoku.

Montreal, Canada, February 10, 2010 - Braintonik, a Canadian based casual gaming company, publishes, in collaboration with The Grabarchuk Family, its first PC game entitled Strimko™.

Strimko™ is a new and original puzzle game dangerously addictive. Brain twisting and mind bending, players solving abilities will be challenged in this deep streamy logic hand crafted number based puzzles.

"We are proud and excited about our first game release: Strimko™" said Nicolas Michaud, Founder of Braintonik Inc.

"It's thrilling that Strimko ( is coming to a new game level--new look, new modes, and new gameplay" said Serhiy Grabarchuk, Head of The Grabarchuk Family.

Play the adventure mode and help Luana save the planet by collecting celestial amulets and reassembling her magical Astrolabe.

The salient features of Strimko™ are:
• Immersive adventure and classic mode
• Over 220 hand-crafted puzzles
• Four exciting game modes: Zen, Pave, Fit, and Tri
• 10 Mini games

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About Braintonik Inc
Braintonik is an innovative independent casual gaming company which shares a long history with the local Montreal gaming and multimedia development scene. From its inception, Braintonik is focused developing and publishing fun, unique and captivating casual, family-friendly games that bring joy and happiness for people of all ages.

About The Grabarchuk Family
The Grabarchuk Family is a Ukrainian puzzle group which actively creates, develops and promotes new puzzles and puzzle concepts. For more information, visit our website at

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