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Brad DeGraw Launches Proven FBA Method to Boost Product Sales on Amazon

Brad DeGraw, author, speaker, and a sales and marketing coach, puts his Amazon FBA strategies to the test by helping build successful brands for products selling on

Many product manufacturers and retailers are struggling to reach their sales target on While their product may be the ideal item that is exactly what buyers need, the profits are lagging behind, as sales figures are not exactly encouraging.

Brad DeGraw has developed unique strategies that have helped make him a success story on Amazon. According to DeGraw, his system offers the best sales and marketing techniques in order for every brand owner to get to "sell more and enjoy life with less stress."

Sharing his best techniques, the successful author and sales marketing expert offers the "secret sauce" behind dozens of successful brands - and gets this work done for them through the AZ Done For You.

"We move the needle for our clients," said DeGraw, noting that they factor in Traffic, Sales, and Conversion as the only metrics that matter. "We fix your listings so they communicate with the search algorithm and appeal to the customers desire to purchase," he explained.

AZ Done For You is more than a team of marketing consultants or brand specialists. The AZ Done For You experts led by DeGraw, work with small manufacturers and distributors to reĀ­launch their products on

"Unlike consultants, we do the work and get the results," said DeGraw. "We point out missed opportunities, provide detailed solutions, and for a select few brands we create a long term performance based solution," he added.

AZ Done For You's best clients are those who see the power of Amazon's customer base, but have failed to get traction.

To find out more about AZ Done For You by Brad DeGraw, please visit for information.

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