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BoyzToys Encourage Retailers To Stock Flying Lanterns For Chinese New Year

BoyzToys is encouraging retailers to stock up on flying lanterns to maximise sales for Chinese New Year, a huge occasion on which people set off flying lanterns, among other things, in huge groups around the world to bring in a new beginning to the C

Chinese New Year takes place on the 10th of February this year, and will be celebrated in countries around the world with huge events being organised in honour of it. In the UK last year, most cities organised all day events for Chinese New Year that brought people together to see some of the more traditional celebrations experienced in China. Among the activities were both dragon dances and kung fu demonstrations undertaken by experts.

Flying lanterns are a huge part of Chinese New Year, recorded to have been used by emperors for many years. Today, flying lanterns are used around the world as a fun activity for people to do together, with everyone holding each lantern until it's able to fly off on its own into the distance, creating a floating beacon of light.

BoyzToys is encouraging retailers to stock up on flying lanterns in preparation for Chinese New Year, a Customer Service representative for the company explained, "We're encouraging all retailers to begin stocking flying lanterns now because they can maximise sales on them with Chinese New Year fast approaching. Retailers can order their flying lanterns from BoyzToys online through our trade website, which means they'll have more time to put into advertising their flying lanterns to customers as great products for Chinese New Year."

Retailers don't only have to purchase flying lanterns for customers for Chinese New Year. With the days still being short, there's an opportunity for people to spend more time outside in the slightly warmer nights by setting off flying lanterns together as a group. Anyone having a party can use these lanterns to bring an end to an eventful evening, and give people the opportunity to get outdoors after being sat inside all through Christmas.

BoyzToys is a wholesaler of a range of different products based in the UK. Their ranges include products for winter, camping, golfing and many other activities. Their flying lanterns are sold at a low cost to retailers, meaning they can in turn make a good profit when they sell them on to customers.

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