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Bopping Heads Unveils The Next Generation System at 2014 Amusement Expo

Bopping Head 2014 System once again nominated for the prestigious Innovator Award.

Bopping Heads, a division of Real3D Labs, one of the leaders in the interactive entertainment network in North America, today announced its latest innovation, FaceDancer 2014, a next-generation entertainment platform that redefines the possibilities for new and engaging user experiences. FaceDancer 2014 combines a revolutionary music experience with the company's existing amusement videos to reflect the musical taste of each venue with a sleek, modular design that dramatically simplifies the user's process. In addition, Bopping Heads is also showcasing its full line of entertainment solutions at the Amusement Expo including its industry leading Bopping Heads, PhotoBooth, FlipBooks and 4d Amusement Movies along with a new tablet-based menu.

"The FaceDancer 2014 is a leap forward in design and capability, creating a more personalized in-venue music/video/photo experience for locations which will allow our operator community to provide a better solution and more value to their customers," said George Domaceti, 49, Founder of Bopping Heads. "In creating FaceDancer 2014, we listened closely to the needs of our operators, and developed a smarter system that is also extremely easy to service."

Like its predecessor Bopping Heads Xpress, the industry's first smart VJ juke, FaceDancer 2014 supports multiple services including music, mobile, Karaoke, PhotoBooth, FlipBooks and more.

The company hopes for a repeat performance at the Innovator Awards coming up later this week. The FaceDancer 2014 system will be available for all U.S. Markets in April 2014 and now available for International distribution. Its predecessor, Bopping Heads is now operating on 6 continents and in 18 countries.

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